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Do you believe that wishes come true? Growing up Summers in Maine the “wishing rock” became my place to be quiet and dream. The last time my entire family was there, Craig made sure a piece of it came home with us. It has bathed in the light of the recent full moon and will sit at a place of prominence at the studio.

The Fall season is truly upon us, with Halloween and the holidays around the corner. I have never once doubted my gut instincts, my intuition and heartfelt passion to help others, share health and wellness, and offer TriPilates classes and lessons at times convenient to others. A few of you know my passions, it includes serving the needs of our community more fully.

How will you approach this busy season ahead?  What are your thoughts?

Have you heard this quote?  “Watch your thoughts they become your words, watch your words they become your actions, watch your actions they become your habits, watch your habits they become your character, watch your character they become your destiny.” – Lao Tzu


Even if I don’t “do” a full Pilates practice, I always do something every single day.  (The Hundred, Roll Up, Roll Over, usually) Pilates is a way to tap into your thoughts, how you feel and sense your body.  As a teacher watching our students, my forte is my compassion and intuition in knowing how to help you trust yourself.  The more you do Pilates, the more you know.  It’s TRULY been the best journey of my life – and it all began with a wish.

So as I sit outside on this glorious October afternoon, taking in the energy of the wishing rock bathed by the moon, my sense is there is so much more to come! TriPilates is still open, many thanks to many of you and your consistency, but also us.  Your teachers.  We are willing to offer evening classes again, simply need the commitment – we all got used to staying home at night during the shut down.  I do admit the slower pace is appealing, and I also know that every single time I go to the studio out of habit, I sleep better, feel better, and have a more positive outlook upon life.

What can we do for you?  That’s my wish for today.   Now that the classes are filling up more often, when and what would you like to see on the schedule?


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