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What an incredible Summer of great outings, friends, and family! As we regroup back to school, busier schedules, and going inside, take time for self-care! This Summer I added more meditation time to my day and actually found more time and freedom in my life! Change happens with you least expect it, that’s for SURE.

As we gear up for the Fall, think of us! Change your body, change your mood, change your life. From the very start of TriPilates, I absolutely wanted to convey the trifold benefit of Pilates.  Yes, get stronger in your body, yes, engage your mind control over your muscles, maybe even relax and let go, and energize your spirit.  I also know from personal experience walking through MANY joys and losses, that Pilates centers us emotionally.


I received a lovely cut glass paperweight from my sister for my birthday – written with the words BALANCE.   Our theme this year has been MOVEMENT, and those of you coming to class regularly feel the flow, the changes.  We move, Whole Body Movement, Whole Body Health, and Breath. What does it mean to move with more core? Freedom of movement! There’s that word again – movement.  Let us help you find more freedom in your movement – and I will bet that it will carry out into your life!

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