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Teaching Pilates is really it’s own reward, but receiving appreciation from our students reminds me that Pilates is a truly a journey. Following intuition, mine began with private Pilates lessons just 14 years ago. Look at our beautiful studio now!  Thank you for your support!

When we listen to our bodies, feel what needs to move and flow, respond intuitively to our own physical, emotional and spiritual (yes, spiritual) needs, the body responds in kind.
Learning the so-called “choreography,” or even mastering the “true Classical,” precise order and repetition of the full Pilates repertoire is but a SHELL. Form is the OUTLINE. Substance is what fills it in. Relying on certain equipment, using props, responding to cueing until we move with control is important.

TriPilates’ goal is to empower YOU to KNOW. Pay attention to how your body moves: feel it, know it. Breathe it. Learn Pilates from the inside out.

As the spirit moves me, I teach.
As the spirit moves you, you move.

Learn to move better at TriPilates.
Start now.
We’ll show you how.

Three examples:

Twist your spine, not just neck.



Reach arm up, not shoulder.



Lift leg, not hip.


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