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Honestly, I was SO excited to meet SO many new people last week!  TriPilates hosted a table at the Park Ridge Chamber’s Ladies’ Night Out at the Park Ridge Country Club.  It was a pleasure to introduce myself to people interested in coming in for a FREE assessment and tour of our beautiful private Pilates studio. Over the years we have sold a few props used in Pilates – MELT Method accessories, Franklin balls, Stretch Out Straps, Socks, etc. It is with MUCH excitement that we announce to our community at large that we also represent Rodan + Fields #1Skin Care.  How does this relate to Pilates?

SIMPLE!  We help you feel good in your body and now also help you look as young as you feel!  

Joe Pilates himself talks about the additional habits needed to make a healthy body.  In Return to Life before the description of the 31 Mat Exercises, he talks about not only developing the smaller muscles to support the bigger ones, the spine, breathing, precision and control with the mind, but diet, sleep, going out in nature, and even “clean, open skin pores,” baths as follows:  WOW!

“In our opinion, the correct technique….is to use only a good stiff brush … to stimulate circulation, to thoroughly clean OUT the pores of the skin, and remove dead skin too.  The pores of your skin must “breathe” – they cannot do so unless they are kept open and freed from clogging.  ….Your skin will …acquire …anew, fresh, glowing appearance, and develop a texture smooth and soft to the touch. So brush away merrily, and heartily too.”  

Rodan + Fields is actually part of my Pilates journey and can be yours as well. Whether you want to just move your body and feel better in it, or have a lifelong fitness that includes this WHOLE LIFEstyle….  TriPilates challenges you to “try.”   Thank you for being on this journey with me.  Love and Service always.

Interested in learning more?

Three Package Deals, FREE Assessments, FREE Samples.  

Every year we have a slogan – thinking about:  GROW TO GREAT in 2018! 

(suggestions welcome!)

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