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“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers; but above all the world needs dreams who do.”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach

I have been reading Simple Abundance daily meditations for well over 20 years, her writings and simple guides for living a life full of abundance, harmony, order, simplicity, or renewal never get old!  Sitting outside for the first time hearing the chimes sing quite robustly on this Spring-like March afternoon, the sun is out and I am able to sit without pain.

Yes Pain.   Many of you know I’ve injured my toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, wrist, neck and now – BAM – sciatica likely coming from my L3 disc that has persistently stuck around since early January.  I do look at these experiences as a way to discover more inner healing, breathwork, or movement that will eventually translate to help others. My vision in opening TriPilates has ALWAYS been to empower others to look, see, feel and KNOW what to do in your life for your BEST life!

It’s been an entire year since the shut down, thank you for your patience and support to keep our beautiful studio open.  More and more new students are coming in and others slowly coming back.  We are here, we are safe, we are healthy and ready to help.  SO MANY PEOPLE have experienced the trauma of this pandemic, emotionally depressed or physically sluggish or in pain, as well.  Use this beautiful time of rebirth and renewal to recommit to your good health!

Pilates will give you the energy and strength you need!  It can be as challenging as you decide, simply DECIDE AND DO! This is EXACTLY how TriPilates was born.  It was a vision, a thought, I simply set boundaries.  As a stay at home Mom, my primary focus was to set my own hours, to be available for the kids after school and for dinners. My business had to HELP PEOPLE and it simply had to be in health and wellness.  It’s my DNA.  How ironic that here we are 14 years later and TriPilates not only fulfills those criteria, but so does Rodan + Fields!

If it hadn’t been for R+F coming into my life four years ago, I do not believe the studio would still be open.  Oh, you haven’t tried a sample?  Simply ask me!  Are you ready to Uncover your Inner Glow and dream BIG?  So many people are looking for not only extra income but community and connection, personal and professional development, and oh yes, skincare that works like it says it will with a money back satisfaction guarantee!  Lastly, this is a legacy brand, it is not going away, we are opening in another country this year, already #1 everywhere we have opened with Japan launching in 2020 and soon to be there as well!  Why would you NOT give it a shot?  Personally my goal is more freedom, especially now in this time of uncertainty, and the ways and means to provide for my family in many years to come. Ah! and it’s FUN!

Hope to see you at the studio soon.  Virtual Pilates is not going away, several students are still doing zoom privates and as soon as my back is better, I will be able to lead small groups with a more focused intent.  Stay tuned for more F.U.N.!


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