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Do you know what to do when traveling or enjoying your outdoor sports to stay healthy and strong?  Join Us! Get tips for travel, improve sports performance, and heal injuries so that you can enjoy the upcoming Summer days ahead.

Pilates is a mind/body practice where part of the exercise is to bring one’s full care and attention to every movement.  That’s right.  Part of the exercise is using your mind!

Summer is a time to relax, rejuvenate, and make time for pleasurable activities. Contact Fran Ahrens for a well-deserved massage (she is available upon request)! Use your Pilates here at the studio or on the road to connect your mind/body/spirit. Whether you have an injury to heal, or you are taking your practice to the next level, there’s no limit what you can do.  Find your passion this summer, and do it better with Pilates!
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