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TriPilates inspires people of all ages and fitness levels to realize greater balance, connection and vigor in their bodies, minds and spirits through the movements of Pilates exercises. We believe that by teaching and practicing Pilates, we empower others and ourselves to be healthier, energized, calm, and more positive.



Truly impressed by colleagues who have found their authentic expression, yet knowing my own has been quietly within our TriPilates community. Word of mouth, referrals, local google searches have provided a small influx of students looking for customized private Pilates or a small group setting. As always, referrals are welcome. Looking ahead, get ready for the virtual world of On Demand videos to keep everyone moving. SOON. 

Thankfully, experience with Rodan + Fields enabled me to pivot quite easily to a virtual platform. Much of the FREE training and experience with this second business has “stretched” my creative and technical abilities! Proactive me (no pun intended) absolutely MUST find my voice in this new virtual world. The focus and concentration required in a session is much greater, so I’m looking for MORE. Oh, yes, I have truly appreciated the already world-renowned teachers already up on virtual platforms providing in some cases free classes – even the social media live offerings from new teachers, it is refreshing to experience our Pilates community coming together!

How do we proceed, what are YOU doing? Maybe I should ask myself what a wise man once said:


“Where am I? Where am I going? What am I doing right now to get there?” – Jimmy H.


I know for sure, TriPilates’ mission remains true to this day. 


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