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Long before our new reality set in last month, my heart held back, sensing something different this year. Call it writer’s block? I needed to slow down and do only a little each day aside from teaching and of course yoga and swimming, got more rest and exercise (still doing the Whole Life Challenge). Truly living a day at a time as I have over thick and thin for MANY years and never quite finding the time or motivation for a BLOG. But I stayed healthy!

That was then, this is NOW! Converting TriPilates to a virtual platform as we move forward takes FOCUS. Our TriPilates Tribe has stayed CONNECTED and MOVING, (for the most part – hoping more of you will jump on board)! We are doing our best to keep routines, schedules, friendships, and good health through the uncertainty of the future. No matter WHAT, stay present, remember to breathe, and reach out to family and friends. We NEED each other to stay focused! It’s the HUMAN CONNECTION that sparks the divine in all of us! It is where the magic happens, where hope and courage FLOURISH. We have discovered that teaching and taking classes or private lessons virtually requires SO MUCH MORE FOCUS! How ironic that this is our theme this year, am I right?



We are completely getting the FOCUS part. You’re not? Some days are better than others, there is SO much going on, things you have to do and maybe DON’T want to do or maybe you are BORED and don’t even know WHAT to do. TriPilates is here to help. Every single day for the past 35 years, my day starts with Meditation. Do you? Can you? Yes, yes you can. Dig deep within yourself, listen to your “heart,” your body, mind, spirit. This is the wise one, who is YOU. Perhaps a ZOOM Meditation is in order soon. First we focus, breathe, then we get to the fitness.  Remember, FITNESS is MORE than body fitness.  It is mind and spirit and emotion!




In the meantime, TriPilates has put YOGA back on the schedule for Saturdays, which starts with a short meditation and slower, undistracted asanas to enable you to know, feel, and move in your body from a place of peace and awareness.  TriPilates held a couple of “freebie” Virtual Mat classes on Sundays at noon central, and it was so successful in reaching more people outside our community will continue as a donation based, pay as you can (paypal/venmo to debbie@tripilates.com suggested $20).  All of our other classes and semi-private/private group times are online.  Stay tuned for short videos, tips, and please follow us on social media.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally, LinkedIn.

Last but not least, thank you.  Thank you for continuing to support the studio, to keep your practice strong (if not stronger!), and keep the faith that we will be open again soon.  Spring is HERE!  New life, new hope, roots truly planted that will blossom and grow into a beautiful butterfly after this cocooning phase. Stay safe, stay at HOME, and stay healthy.

This VERY MOMENT I am bursting into tears of joy.  I am SO grateful I coughed so hard I cracked a rib 35 years ago, quit smoking, learned self-care, service to others, met my husband, have four amazing children, opened our studio (yes OUR – it wouldn’t be a studio without YOU!), lost everything near and dear to me and yet said YES to Rodan + Fields as a plan B because I had none! My virtual R+F business is carrying me through these uncertain times, people need a plan B, we are here to help! Whether it’s great skin to feel better, a second income to tide you through (this can be done in snippets of time in your day), or a way to learn more professional and personal development (FREE TRAINING!), and connect to an amazing community of like-minded, positive and supportive people, ANYONE can do this.  Low cost, no risk, no experience necessary.  A high school friend just became a new customer and I BURST into tears. Never say never to any of this. Fill your heart with HOPE, FAITH, and COURAGE!  I I hadn’t said YES, I would most certainly NOT have had the wherewithall to take TriPilates to a virtual platform. Those of you who know me best, know that I can pivot on a penny and make “it” work! It just takes FOCUS. Remember, as Joe Pilates said:



Interesting article about the immune system and two very dominant muscles in the “Contrology” system, the CALF and TRANSVERSE ABNOMINUS:


This deep layer of abdominals is called upon in every movement in Pilates to serve the greater health of the spine, as well as, to assist as an accessory pump to the lungs for strong healthy breathing and circulation. It is one of the essential muscles used pervasively in the Pilates Method.



Mat: M 9:30a, W 8:30a, F 8:30a, Su Noon

Yoga Sa 10:30

Private and semi private groups available by request




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