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READY ? Pilates is for the Unexpected…or so Joe reminds us! Whether it is a movement pattern that suddenly connects you to feel more, or you slip and easily recover because your core kicks in, Pilates is definitely for the unexpected! Is that what he meant?
You never know what a day will bring, so knowing there is love and support from our Pilates community is what matters most these days! TriPilates is here for YOU as well! What are your needs and goals this season? Do you need to get moving, or stretch out and decompress more?

We know that RESULTS MATTER.  

CHANGE – all we need is change. I’ve been reminded this weekend that we can muscularly push and shove our body into challenging exercises, or learn or retrain our minds a little differently. It reminds me of how I feel after doing MELT, that I become more aware of my inside body and can actually move with more freedom or at least attention to faulty movement patterns.  Graciously, Cara Reeser encourages us graduates of The KSG Heritage Training (which I finished Spring 2016) to audit any of the weekends. We all KNOW the STRAP Mat is a huge part of our studio now, as are all of the Before The Hundred protocols.  I came to Philadelphia this weekend to review the “Baby Bird” and Cats – all of the exercises (many of which you’ve done), but truly with an fresh eye and with more time to practice spotting.

All We Need is Love

Hope to see you around the studio in the coming weeks to reconnect and revitalize our practice!  Get ready for more awareness of your movement patterns, how we can turn on, initiate, and connect to our core with a few simple exercises and images.  Want to learn more?  Grab a private lesson soon – or drop into Pilates 101 or mat class! (Fall Fundamentals and Mini-Maxi Combo packages are on sale through Thanksgiving!) Give your body and spirit the loving attention it needs, beFORE the busy holiday season kicks in!

We appreciate our TEN YEARS! more than words can express,

so remember to SAVE THE DATE!

Come dance, have fun, and mingle in our beautiful studio –

Gratitude Celebration Nov 18, 2017. 5:30-8p

Families and Friends are welcome!

Surprises and announcements for 2018!

As always, your business and commitment to TriPilates does not go unnoticed.  We appreciate your referrals! Please find/like us on all of the social media: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter!  Find last minute deals and ideas to spice up your practice!  Keep coming!

Never, ever give up.  Those of you who know me KNOW.  I don’t.  We are committed to you and your Pilates journey, no matter what.  We understand that RESULTS MATTER.



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