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It’s been 5 weeks since the Governor shut us down, we’ve got our badges of honor – graying hair, new tech abilities, and new routines in our daily lives. THANK YOU for staying home, and especially for your mindfulness and focus in showing up to our TriPilates’ Virtual classes.

It’s not easy, but then again, Pilates is not easy.  You’ve had to use your mind-body practice to “engage” MORE and move MORE and breathe MORE thoughtfully and purposefully than ever before. I could not be more thrilled that we keep moving forward, keep finding new awareness, strength, and resilience in our practice.

YOU have taught ME so much in this transition.  My eyes and voice have become even keener, it is thrilling to find new ways to express my passion about Pilates movement and it’s healing benefits.  If you have NOT joined our virtual platform, we encourage you to reach out.  You will not be disappointed.

If you have signed up for a Virtual Mat Class, it will be done online through the ZOOM platform.(https://zoom.us/)

It is easy- all you need is a computer with wi-fi and a mat! Approximately 5-10 min prior to your class you will receive an invite to join the class with a link to click that will take you to a live video. This invite will be sent to the e-mail address you used to sign up.
If it is your first time doing a virtual mat class and using Zoom, you will need to download ZOOM onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone (we recommend doing so at least 30 minutes before class. You will be asked to create your own personal account.)
Set yourself up in a quiet space with strong internet signal, your mat and any props or prop alternatives you have.
Once you are in your virtual Mat Class Video, please Select ‘Mute’ in the bottom left corner of the meeting.
Thank you again, we will keep going with the flow! If it was easy, it wouldn’t be Pilates. #contrology #focusonfitness
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