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True Ambition

Flashback to being a stay-at-home Mom with four kids and loving it, knowing my calling was and still is to help more people. In fact, I told my osteopath who wanted to hire me to travel and sell online acupuncture tests twenty years ago that no, my vision had three...

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Summer: Breathe, Move, Dream!

BREATHE ... MOVE ... DREAM ....   I've had a little extra time to do the latter... Summer is a GREAT time to check into your practice - are there areas or certain movements you'd like to work on?  We are here to help.  It begins with the FEET.   Have you noticed that...

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Brain in Pain

How is YOUR year going? Personally I am not quite sure where it's going,   but it's going so FAST!  I am excited to have attended the Movement Science Made Simple Workshop in March about The Brain in Pain!  My enthusiasm got the better of me my very first day back to...

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The Flag is Still Here

Just because something isn’t “there” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!  The flag came down in the recent ice storm, but as soon as the Spring thaw comes it will be up! We are and ready for change. Scrolling through thousands of photos while on my way to Utah I was...

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March Matness Musings

New to Pilates? Think you "know" Pilates? Tried it but "it hurt this or that?" Think again! The movement of Pilates exercises will never give up on YOU, in fact who ever heard of a business that teaches students to do it on their own? That's exactly what we've been...

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#movemore     #catapult      #pilatesjourney      #rfjourney      #synergy Each year, particularly since opening TriPilates, we've had a "theme" or a "word" to focus on. Initially, it was "TriPilates" - Feel the Difference! We know you can do Pilates anywhere, but we...

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Movement 2018 Recap

We began 2018 with the idea that Pilates, our studio, and our life is all about movement.  Here's a recap of the highlights: Winter: Pat Guyton's brilliant workshops on natural movement, focusing on shoulder blade and shoulder mobility to access more core and freedom...

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Holiday Health

Before we reflect on this year, let's take a moment to appreciate today!  How do you start YOUR day? Every single day I start with a prayer, a gratitude list, and something upside down.  Yes, upside down.  It stimulates the nervous system, wakes me up, and also CHEERS...

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Sharing the Health

November marks 12 years since officially receiving the PMA Pilates teacher certification. It was an incredible road to even get to the point to start teacher training, having coughed so hard I cracked my ribs some twenty years prior. It is an absolute gift to teach...

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Why Change? TriPilates.

What an incredible Summer of great outings, friends, and family! As we regroup back to school, busier schedules, and going inside, take time for self-care! This Summer I added more meditation time to my day and actually found more time and freedom in my life! Change...

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Summer Lovin’!

Are you LOVING this Summer?  I know I am - it has not been SO hot we can't move, (except this past weekend!) plenty of rain when we need a break, and plenty to do. Between getting outside more, traveling a bit, learning new things, I am so grateful that Pilates goes...

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Move from Within

Happy first day of Summer!  So excited to share a brief thought about our theme this year: MOVEMENT.  We would all agree Pilates is whole body movement, I'm sure. What happens when you feel pain or tightness?  We tend to STOP or slow down and sense that lack of...

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That’s All The Things

Have you noticed? Do you listen? Do you see? More times than not we are so busy with our "lives" that we forget to take time for ourselves, to actually feel what is going on inside.  Or we  "think" we are moving, but we are stagnant inside.  STOP.  Feel what is going...

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Taking Root

The cold, slow start to Spring has been a blessing in disguise! When you think of movement, what do you see, feel, do?  I'm a mover by nature, and very active on the outside. One of the main reasons I fell in love with Pilates is that it teaches me to be aware of my...

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Movement Musings

Oh, I remember well!   My first experience with "Pilates," or as I thought it was called "Pie" "lets"  hahaha, was overwhelming at best. In a class with 40 people at a health club trying to keep up with the pace of a vigorous workout.  All I knew was after having four...

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TriPilates: Get A Happy Heart!

💛 "What comes from the heart reaches the heart." 💛 #TRUTH!    From my own very first experience with Pilates, which was a huge MAT class at my health club, I sensed my teacher's passion. Long story short, she has shared this with me through many, many private...

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New Year, New Us, New YOU!  New word, new website, new class schedule, new movement potential, new friends, new students, new goals, new workshops, new days ahead! So excited to welcome SO many new students who braved the busy holiday season BEFORE the New Year!  If...

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Gratitude Celebration, Indeed!

My heart is full as we enter into the holiday season! What a blessing that you are all a part of a Pilates journey and that we have crossed paths. It's been an incredible year! We are SO excited to welcome new students to our beautiful studio, and to bring you our...

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TriPilates: Results Matter

READY ? Pilates is for the Unexpected...or so Joe reminds us! Whether it is a movement pattern that suddenly connects you to feel more, or you slip and easily recover because your core kicks in, Pilates is definitely for the unexpected! Is that what he meant? You...

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Welcome Autumn

Honestly, I was SO excited to meet SO many new people last week!  TriPilates hosted a table at the Park Ridge Chamber's Ladies' Night Out at the Park Ridge Country Club.  It was a pleasure to introduce myself to people interested in coming in for a FREE assessment and...

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Decide to Remain True to Yourself

10 Years? TEN YEARS!  Yes, and in retrospect, what does that mean?  How does that even happen? One breath, One exercise, one lesson, one class, one day at a time.  It all begins with breath. and YOU! We celebrate our lease renewal this month! Congratulations and thank...

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Summer Challenge is not over!

Welcome to our many new students! Thank you to our TriPilates tribe for sticking around this Summer! Yes - it's our 10 Year anniversary! We have been GROWING in our community amidst SO MANY fitness choices in town.  What do we do best?  We connect with YOU.  Your...

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Luck under the Buck Moon

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  That old expression really is not for the faint of heart.  Today was no exception and I have arrived at this moment RIGHT NOW feeling SO very grateful!  How did I get so lucky to be able to help people by sharing my...

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Bloom Where You Are Planted, Grow With Love

Settled into a Summer schedule? Summer has YET to begin. Next week, in fact, is the LONGEST day of the year.  There is so much energy all around us! Did you see that full "strong sun" moon last weekend feel it's ensuing sudden heat (who doesn't)? What are you doing...

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"Breath is the first act of life and the last." - Joe Pilates. I was one of the lucky ones to attend Cara Reeser and Jeremy Lavendure’s Movement Science Made Simple workshop on Breath: Your Song is your Strength. Everything about the trip was graced with good omens,...

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Recently a new prospect declared that Pilates was "over his budget."  Is your good health, bone building, life giving education in Pilates over budget?  We think not.  Make a commitment this month of May to take PRIVATE lessons, where you get MORE bang for the buck....

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When I walked away from my first Pilates private lesson with a sense of lightness, ease, relief, I knew something was “just right.” Our bodies “want” and “know” how to be healthy. My life at the time was full of joy and yet full of so much stress. Looking back,...

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The Value of Private Pilates Studio

No matter how many times a week, how many weeks, months, or years we practice Pilates, the one thing we can rely on is CHANGE.  This is true in life!  Joe Pilates' book is aptly entitled, Return to Life.  His promise: "In 10 sessions, you'll feel a difference In 20...

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Tree? Who, me? Yes, YOU!

My first mat class led me to private lessons (I could NOT do "Tree")! Private lessons for many years led me to becoming a teacher. YOU, our community, our students, our studio, brought us to TEN YEARS!   That first mat class was packed - 4o people or so - like...

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Debby G.
Debby G.
2016-12-25 13:17:00
Couldn't be happier to have found Debbie and the TriPilates Tribe! I look so very forward to my time spent with Debbie, Fran and all of the awesome people I...
Patty M.
Patty M.
2016-12-25 03:20:11
Such a great studio. Debbie is a great teacher and has a lovely staff. She has workshops on the Melt Method. Her mat and reformer classes are great. She...
D M.
D M.
2016-01-15 12:20:29
If you want to learn, practice or train to teach pilates this studio is THE PLACE. Debbie the owner is dedicated to her students 100% and teaching pilates...
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