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No matter how many times a week, how many weeks, months, or years we practice Pilates, the one thing we can rely on is CHANGE.  This is true in life!  Joe Pilates’ book is aptly entitled, Return to Life.  His promise:

“In 10 sessions, you’ll feel a difference

In 20 sessions, you’ll see a difference,

and in 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body.”


Time is NOT the enemy.  If we practice Pilates consistently, these remarkable changes happen.  I feel younger now than I did when I was 45 and juggling four young children. My hips are stronger and more flexible, I no longer have back stiffness, and and my stamina and energy has increased. How many people do you know say, “it’s just my age?”


With Spring seemingly around the corner, TriPilates is offering FREE assessments to absolutely convince you even a weekly session (mat, apparatus, OR private) will make the difference and change how you feel.  We believe in movement – whether you love doing Yoga, Running, Tennis, Golf, Walking, Hiking, or Biking – Pilates creates self-awareness.

For many years I drove my kids around and lugged car seats and groceries, barely able to find time to relax or the upper body strength to carry heavy loads.  Remarkably, Pilates has given me the ability to calm my mind and yet be able to lift up my 25 year old son! It’s not particularly because I’m such a serene person, or that my arms are strong, rather due to better breathing and core connection.

Let TriPilates help you find more in your everyday life!

Pilates is priceless!


Sure, it is an investment in time, money, and effort. There are plenty of “deals” around to move and at TriPilates we encourage you to do just that.  If you’ve not had the watchful eye of a certified Pilates teacher watching you move, you may be doing more harm than good over the long haul.

In fact, I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while.  She admitted to being “cheap and goes to the club in another town,” and “can’t do Pilates because her knee and her back, etc…”  We say that’s exactly WHY to come to class.  TriPilates’ expertise is teaching you how to move to get out of pain AND how to avoid it in the first place.   In other words, “how’s that workout working for you if you created an injury?”  (not to be overly smug…. I’ve done it accidentally myself!)

But Pilates gives me a toolbox.  Pilates 101: It’s all about the MAT.  With March Matness around the corner, you will to learn and review fundamental movement technique “Before The Hundred.” Learn skill building movements  which will enable you to embody the principles of Pilates exercise without tension or undue strain on your body. Concentrate on three things: BREATH, WHOLE BODY HEALTH, WHOLE BODY COMMITMENT,  the intention of Joe Pilates’ corrective exercise.


Corrective exercise.  This implies change!


No workout is perfect, but a private studio where the teacher can monitor movement, particularly where there is injury, is best. Get to know your potential!  If you cannot come in to a private session, come to our “open to all” classes.


For the past 10 years, TriPilates has committed to educating our community at large about the long-lasting effects of Pilates exercise.  Look around.  There are 10 times the number of choices to do this now, everyone vying for the latest deal or big group experience.  TriPilates will stick to what we do best – customized private studio experiences that will teach you how to prevent injury and empower you to heal if you are.


Recently, Albert commented to me, “those “Before the Hundred” protocols are no joke!  I was able to get up out of bed with less and less pain each day I did it.  Yes!  Joe Pilates actually had a bednasium…. to start his day right in bed with The Hundred!

Learn the Basics. It’s all about the Mat

Those of you who do NOT know what The Hundred is – it’s the FIRST exercise in a journey of a lifetime.

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