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Just because something isn’t “there” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!  The flag came down in the recent ice storm, but as soon as the Spring thaw comes it will be up! We are and ready for change. Scrolling through thousands of photos while on my way to Utah I was stunned how much life HAS changed. Life is very different today, photos a distant memory, so I started to write a book about the incredible journey of opening a Pilates studio (blog bits to follow)!

Thank you to to everyone for your patience! I am learning more things about technology each and everyday. One of the things we learn in our Pilates practice is to keep reaching for MORE:  more movement, more strength, more breath capacity, more happiness, more connection, more energy, more core.  In fact the theme this year is…


How prophetic was that? A broken arm is not going to keep me from practicing Pilates, however it will keep me out of the pool for a while! We are now a value-added studio – you will learn more about the springs and transitions.  I have better eyes to see you with and I use my voice in a little different way. Pilates is a mind-body practice, so come let us help you move well. Huge shout out to Candice and Fran for your help at the studio!


Are you all learning something about the mat practice? I am studying Return to Life to discover new tidbits about each exercise to share at the studio. We are in full swing midway through #Marchmatness2019!

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See you at the studio and welcome to all of our new students!

We consider it our happy place! We want it to be yours, too.


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