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What’s the Difference?

What are your plans this Summer? What do you enjoy most? What will you do differently? What are your health needs? Do you have a vision for yourself?

At TriPilates your needs and goals are… our priority!

Each and every lesson and class is unique, all within the structure and integrity of the Classical Pilates Method. Ask one of the many students who come here 2-4 times a week about the difference Pilates makes in their life! We take pride in giving you the absolute best of what Pilates has to offer each and every time you come. Never, ever give up!

If you are one of the many people who tried Pilates and stopped, why?  Curious minds want to know. Is it too hard? Too much commitment? Too expensive? Do you have life changes? Are you doing other things? Perhaps you gave it your best shot, but thought you needed a change of pace? Do you think you know Pilates and found it wanting?  All of the above? 

It is the one consistent practice that has enabled me to live happily through life changes: driving kids around, scouting for colleges, graduations, moving them out of state, supporting my husband through very serious illness and his sorrowful passing. Brighter days are ahead!

WHOLE BODY HEALTH for me, for you, for us. 

Summer is here with days of bright light, bursting green and hopefully more blue skies! We all need light, air, and sunshine to grow and flourish. If you told me 10 years ago I’d be inside each morning teaching Pilates….NO WAY. All I knew was that I wanted to do something “health related, where I could make my own hours, and to help others….” VOILA! As Joe Pilates believed, it begins in the mind.


My Pilates teacher at the time suggested I learn to teach. I shook my head…it was too expensive, too many hours (4 young children at the time), too far (in the city), blah, blah, blah. It was actually my husband who gently suggested I follow my bliss, that he would help with the kids during those long hours of training.  Boom. The rest is history. How prophetic was my wish!


The name TriPilates was born of conversation, to help people “Feel the Difference” that Pilates makes in body, in life, and in spirit. Originally there was NO INTENTION to open a studio! After joining the local Chamber to network, putting together a website, discussing logistics with my husband, we made it happen. He would handle the nuts and bolts, the rest was up to me. Our studio truly honors him, it reminds me daily of his good will in supporting my path. In the end, as most of you know, he took his last breath in my arms, my gift back to him. We should all be so lucky to die so peacefully.


Fast forward… Life is so different today. This is my happy place, our studio is bright, light, and full of energy. TriPilatesMission is to empower people to heal themselves, whatever that means to each individual. Your body will appreciate moving differently: give it another chance with a variety of classes: Reformer, Low Chair, Tower, Cardio Barre (Pilates-style), Yoga, and SILKS! Check out the Super Summer Trainee Private Lessons, before they complete their certification!

Like what we do? Curious? We have already been asked to begin another Mentorship Teacher Training program this Fall. Follow your heart, it will lead you to a journey beyond your wildest dreams. You will never know unless you try!


Teaching Pilates gives me a daily path for a lifetime practice, a journey to happiness and healing, from the inside out! Hope to see you soon.

*TRY* Pilates!  You will be amazed before you are half way through.

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