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Have you noticed? Do you listen? Do you see? More times than not we are so busy with our “lives” that we forget to take time for ourselves, to actually feel what is going on inside.  Or we  “think” we are moving, but we are stagnant inside.  STOP.  Feel what is going on inside.  Sensation of movement is indeed that, yet what if we simply pause, check in, breathe the fresh air in, and THEN move.  Awareness of our insides will actually improve the outside of our bodies, our lives, and our clarity, goals, purpose.

Let us help YOU do just that. Our new Late Spring schedule offers more private lesson times to accommodate your needs. We appreciate your referrals so much!

With just 6 weeks left until Summer officially begins, let’s get you moving MORE. From the inside out.  Pilates can give you the best of both worlds: amped up core strength or time to align and rejuvenate. Tension and release. In fact that’s what our body is doing all the time!

I am blessed to have been chosen for a grant to study with Clare Dunphy starting this week. I keep my own practice fresh and bring you the best in Classical Pilates, to the best of my ability.  There is always MORE, more learning, more experience with different Master teachers.  Here’s what we will be reviewing:

  • Distinguish the philosophy and vocabulary of “classical” Pilates
  •  Work with the exercise order on the mat and reformer plus understand why’s behind the orders
  •  Avoid common teaching mistakes and open yourself up to new possibilities
  • Move and discover for yourself how to make adjustments while in motion
  • Link exercises together with transitions
  • Execute the basic exercises on all apparatus

Looking forward to this Spring Renewal!  Honestly, I do believe we have much of this covered at TriPilates, but I’m ALWAYS open to learning more.



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