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Lucky You! Lucky Us!

We are truly blessed at TriPilates for each and every one of our students and teachers. With love and gratitude, here’s our gift of fun and surprise to you this Holiday Season! Log onto Facebook  each and every day before Christmas to learn of FREE gifts, tips, and treasures.  It’s our 12 Days of Christmas GAME!


Thank you for opening this “blog” page – our goal is to EDUCATE our community in 2017. We want YOU to know, feel, and Do What You Love in 2017! Learn how Pilates can take you there!

Here’s the game!

Rules: Check out TriPilates on Facebook and/or Instagram/Twitter each day of the “12 Days of Christmas” Share TriPilates Facebook or comment on our Instagram post for your entry for the prize. All entries must be made 11:00pm on each day.  Winners will be contacted by email, txt, or PM. Limited quantities while they last.


12th Day  of Christmas: Wednesday Dec 14,  FREE MAT CLASS! ( at least 12 exercises..)

11th Day of Christmas: Thursday, December 15, All Franklin Balls on sale for 25% off (5 left)

10th Day of Christmas: Friday, December 16, FREE YOGA Class on Saturday December 17!  Come back on December 31 for a special morning Ceremony to Welcome Winter and the New Year.

9th Day of Christmas: Saturday, December 17, All Green Straps 25% off (5 left so just $15!)

8th Day of Christmas: Sunday, December 18, FREE MELT HAND & FOOT BALL (s0ft)

7th Day of Christmas: Monday, December 19, FREE 1/2 hour Private Lesson  for Postural Assessment/Goal Making (must come in before the end of the year) No limit on how many students.

6th Day of Christmas: Tuesday, Dec 20, one FREE 9:30a Tower Class or 6:30 Reformer Class on Wednesday 12/21

5th Day of Christmas: Wednesday, December 21 Return to Life book by Joe Pilates for FREE (first come, first served)  There’s only ONE!

4th Day of Christmas: Thursday, December 22 FREE Strap Mat Class Friday Dec 23 9:15.  Up to 4 people.

3rd Day of Christmas: Friday, December 23, Bring a friend to your next Mat class, get yours FREE, also!

2nd Day of Christmas: Saturday, December 24, One Free Private Lesson 

1st Day of Christmas: Sunday, December 25, The Gift of Good Health – our FREE Holiday Health Package (value $255) – all names responding on Facebook or Instagram in this raffle will be put in the basket on December 25 and drawn on Saturday, December 31 at our Cardio Pilates Circuit class.

Thank you for a great year!  

Remember to Breathe in 2016! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year! 

Reminder: We will be closed December 24, 25, 26 and January 1 only


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