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Summer  –  a time to tap into a new energy, to unwind and enjoy life’s precious moments. As we reflect on memories of the past, it’s time to make new ones. The past need no longer define the people we are becoming.

Pilates is a vehicle for change – for healing our physical, emotional, and mental liabilities. My own 20+ year practice has simply led me to a place of restoration, to treasure each moment, each movement, each breath. When we slow down long enough to appreciate that, life becomes free!  As always, if you’d like to do a 1/2 hour FOCUS Private, contact us.  Your session will focus on your one goal that you can then take to your group practice or private sessions. Empower YOU is this year’s theme!

That being said, TriPilates is on the threshold of committing to a new lease, welcoming many new students, and more. It’s not free! As classes keep filling up, we will add new ones, not necessarily at prime times as we are a private Pilates studio and accommodate accordingly. Look for a July Pilates playground this Summer (end July, early August) and an Advanced Reformer Workshop in the Fall. We are excited for the TriPilates Summer Outing July 9, (you may still join us – purchase your tickets asap), mark your calendars for the Ravinia FestivalSeptember 4 to hear Diana Ross and picnic on the lawn! Will purchase those soon, they are $49 each! Summer fun has officially begun!

We don’t always know where we are going, but it’s simply about showing up!  Thank you to all who have stayed steady in their practice, virtually or otherwise.  Welcome to our new students and future new students!

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