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Are you LOVING this Summer?  I know I am – it has not been SO hot we can’t move, (except this past weekend!) plenty of rain when we need a break, and plenty to do. Between getting outside more, traveling a bit, learning new things, I am so grateful that Pilates goes wherever we do!

Meg recently came in and said she felt “stuck,” so what did she do?  Came in MORE often?  Movement heals. Unless we walk towards our destiny, are natural ability to stay free, happy, and healthy, we are moving in the other direction.  There is no in between.  So if you are in for a private, we will customize it for YOUR needs. If you come into a class we of course are mindful of those needs, but empower YOU to address those concerns.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just do. While I have been disciplined and take time to start my day with (coffee, haha), meditation and inspirational readings, of late I have taken to simply sitting to meditate (no coffee no books). I enjoyed those moments every morning with my late husband Craig for many many years (30)!  The loving-kindness to myself now is to simply breathe and be mindful of what’s in my heart. We are all on a journey, certainly my own Pilates practice has given me the gift of an incredible one so far. The more I am quiet and process the inside, my outer world opens wide!

How about you?

Come in soon for a lesson.  Look for our end of Summer deals in the checkout.  (That’s 5 mat/5 apparatus and the 3pack special as an add-on for ANYONE!)  USE BEFORE END OF SUMMER (9/21/18) No exceptions.

Don’t let Summer get away!

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