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BREATHE … MOVE … DREAM ….   I’ve had a little extra time to do the latter…

Summer is a GREAT time to check into your practice – are there areas or certain movements you’d like to work on?  We are here to help.  It begins with the FEET.   Have you noticed that almost ALL of our classes and lessons BEGIN with either Footwork or a standing awareness on our FEET?

In the coming Summer months of flip flops and sandals, pay attention to your feet.  Learn toe, foot and ankle exercises that will truly make a difference in how you go out and about and enjoy whatever you are doing – tennis, golf, swimming, biking, walking, running….  and learn to MELT!  Monthly MELT workshops will give you all the tools you need to get started yourself – and treat your feet right!  Ease pain in your hips, low back, neck and shoulders with MELT Hand and Foot Treatment.

Curious about how to bring your practice to the next level?  Our comprehensive Mentorship Training program is starting up again in the Fall.  Stop by for an informational meeting June 22.    Here are a few of the testimonials about our teaching:

“Debbie’s knowledge of anatomy and her expertise in teaching is invaluable when exercising around an injury. Her skill level is far beyond the average physical trainer. You will always leave her studio feeling better than when you came in.” – Rae Ann

“You help and work with us at our different levels.” – Beth Su

“When I first came to TriPilates, my body was in pain due to scoliosis, most of the time.  As I took Pilates lessons, the pain was slowly reduced.  Today I only have pain when I put my body in a bad position.” – Gene age 87

“I have only been coming to TriPilates for a month, and I already feel a difference in my anxiety and breathing. I have also seen a change in the muscle tone and shape of my body.” – Alexis, mother of 3, 2 are twins


Please ask for a questionnaire about your Pilates practice!   I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be a Pilates teacher – and now it’s something I cannot live without.  Being away from the studio so I would not cough on people this week was very difficult for me – so please, please, please – if you even suspect you have something, stay home.  That is why we have a studio late cancellation policy – two per year – and if you are sick more than that you need to do more Pilates!   I rarely get sick and BOY did this get me.  Grateful to be on the mend and have learned to slow down and take it easy.  Summer is around the corner!

My Dream is to keep our studio community vibrant, open, and growing.  Yours?


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