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One of the first generation teachers , Romana Kryzanowska,  said Pilates is: 

“Stretch, strength, and control, the most important of which is CONTROL.”

How many of you believe you have complete coordination of your body, mind, and spirit? How many of you FEEL you have this control, but do not?  I am in this latter group.  My passionate Pilates journey is to find this elusive deeper core, that innately intelligent control of my movement. We will teach you the biomechanics of HOW to do a Pilates exercise (the outward expression of it),

>>>>>but our goal is to help each and every student here (including myself!) how to gain a deeper connection from the inside out.

But HOW?


Wait!  Breath is the access to connection inside?

INDEED IT IS.  This is the focus, the theme of this year here at TriPilates.

After all, as Joe Pilates said:

“Above all, learn to breathe correctly.”

The body (the outward form) does not really “care” WHAT you do!  Do Zumba, Yoga, Spinning, Swimming, Jumping, Skiing, Diving, Running, Meditating, etc. What your “being” “cares” about is your relationship to gravity. Pilates GETS you to a deeper more natural movement state for all of your activities through natural movement and connection to your breath.

We received many testimonials in our recent survey and they are very much appreciated.  Here is one that came unsolicited after a class from Diane.  I will also be posting these testimonials on our social media pages so that the public gets educated by YOU!

“I’ve been doing Pilates for almost six years with TriPilates.
My entire body has changed from the inside out. Not only strength and endurance, but breathing.
I have allergy induced asthma and I ran for my allergy appointment right after a mat class. I took the breathing test and all my air wave functions were off the chart the best ever for me. My doctor had to look back to see if I had ever achieved such  results before!
On another note I’m not the best with balance but Pilates has me more stable!
People who haven’t seen me for a while also notice the outside difference.
If you have never tried Pilates do it for your health and watch the way it changes your entire being from the inside out!”  
– Diane Baldwin
Come take a lesson, a class, change up your workout routine, try a different time, day, teacher! Learn something new everyday!  Spring is around the corner, check the online schedule soon.

Here are some of our recent descriptions of our students’ idea of Pilates from the recent survey:

Pilates is a choice, a conscious decision to move and to breath and to practice a physical discipline centered on the mind-body connection. Pilates is not glamorous or trendy nor does it require a lot of gear. It merely requires commitment to move in a precise and specific way with intention and focus.
Pilates is controlled movement using controlled breathing developing a strong center or core. Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body.
Pilates is a must to include in any fitness routine to stay flexible, strong, and balanced all which helps you experience a pain-free and active lifestyle.
Pilates is a way to reconnect with your body through breath and movement.
Pilates is: Strength, core, elongating, therapy, centering.
Pilates is exercise that strengthens and lengthens muscles that work on core and stability to live a stronger, active and healthy life.
Pilates is my favorite form of exercise, I feel better after each class.  (hehe, had to include this)
Pilates is: Contrology. It is an exercise routine that helps build core strength and flexibility.
Pilates is a workout discipline that improves flexibility, strength and increases mind body connection.
Pilates is: A low impact workout to keep an individual flexible, strong, and centered.

Remarkable that everyone has a different experience in their movement, based on age, fitness level and their own Pilates journey!

We hope that you make Pilates part of your life, in fact my experience is that the QUALITY of your life depends on it.  It’s up to you!

Have you experienced a loved one taking their last breath? That was it. Suddenly, he just stopped breathing. It was the most profound moment in my life, where I felt closer to spirit and yet so alive myself.  Heart broken, for sure, but yet, we teach Pilates.  We learn how to heal our hearts and souls.  We teach YOU to breathe, to move, to move well, with complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.  You will be AMAZED at how Pilates changes your life.





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