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Practice Basic Side Kick Series to strengthen and lengthen muscles of the hips and legs. There are many side kicks, this is a handful to begin. There are downlevels and more advanced ways to practice. Use these daily to feel your hips get stronger, which we need to hold our spines up in a stable way. Keep your hips *stacked,* with your pelvis in a natural, neutral pain free position. Increase range of motion without going to your low back or shortening your sides, or keep it in a small range to CONTROL the movements from your hip. Repetitions: 5-8 of each movement/each side/per day. Use your lower leg to stabilize! REMEMBER: Pilates is a FULL BODY EXERCISE. Use your whole body, mind, and spirit in this exercise so that when you stand up and walk (or run) outside, your hips, legs, and feet feel strong. GOOD LUCK!

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