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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been cueing clients both in group classes and private lessons to give the spine a warm hug with that deep Pilates EXHALE. It really works! I get to the studio quite early and leave quite late, long before and after the sun may have warmed up the Chicago air into the low teens. The wind chill has been below zero for days and days it seems. And yet, doing that Pilates deep breathing really and truly enables your muscles to give you that warm hug around your spine. I don’t feel so cold, because I’m warm rom the inside out!

Those of us doing Pilates regularly know that without a doubt, our core muscles warm up from the inside out. Have you seen the picture of Joseph Pilates himself at the studio (it’s in the south bathroom) – he is standing in the snow with his skivvy little shorts on, ballet flats and that is it. Smiling. Chest out, belly in, and man oh man, those thigh muscles completely defined, including those inner thighs. The most amazing thing about that picture at the studio is that he is 82 years old in the picture!

So, no need to shiver, just EXHALE, hug your spine so to speak, and your lungs will automatically fill up with fresh (albeit cold) air.

Is it me? Or is there a yearning for Spring in the air. I felt a dampness tonight on the way home that reminded me of that New England cold that I grew up with. I exhaled a lot on the way home, staying warm and as dry as I could. I’ve been thinking a lot about Spring – new life – hope – growth. I’m threading those ideas into classes these next few weeks. No need to be shivering in January – think Spring! And EXHALE.

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