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November marks 12 years since officially receiving the PMA Pilates teacher certification. It was an incredible road to even get to the point to start teacher training, having coughed so hard I cracked my ribs some twenty years prior. It is an absolute gift to teach people to breathe and move each and every day.  Thank you!

Let’s celebrate this month with good health!  TriPilates is participating in the Get Fit Park Ridge collaboration, so please welcome our new students!  What we have is very, very special, and we’ve worked hard to help you find freedom in your movement, paying close attention to staying true to the intentions of Joe Pilates’ classical sequence. Daily I hear feedback from students: “Every class is different!” REALLY? Honestly, if we are in the present moment with each other, it IS different.  Maybe we feel something a little “MORE” or connect in a different way, perhaps. Feel the difference – with your balanced body, mind, and spirit!

Take the time for self-care, stay moving and make choices that empower your life for the better.  While Pilates does take time to learn, practice, grow, it never leaves you nor will it let you down. My experience has shown, that when I make Pilates a priority, other things in my life balance. It means different things at different times – maybe it’s my good health, maybe it’s time or demands on it, many times it’s emotional balance – whatever it is – Pilates is the KEY to balance.

The highest vibration of energy in your body is GRATITUDE!   Make it a practice, as I have for the past 33 years, and write down four things you are grateful for each and every day.  See how your life transforms!  You never know where your Pilates journey will take you.  There’s always MORE…. which is likely our theme for 2019….. still taking ideas!   It may be the winner and the winner receives a FREE Private lesson!


P.S.  Make a commitment for 2019 – join us for the Whole Life Challenge!  Here’s the link: http://www.whole.lc/wlc1901/pt/tripilates-for-health






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