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As we ease into Summer, here are my thoughts on the Kathy Grant Heritage Training with Cara Reeser at Pilates Aligned in Denver.  This training became available over two years ago, but life duties delayed my enrollment.  Like any continuing education, the thrill of finishing is quickly humbled by the reality of how to share the experience to help others.

From the moment we sat in a circle to begin, we were quickly reminded that Pilates is a mind/body experience uniquely interwoven with our breath patterns.  Sitting in meditation to “drop in” to our bodies to begin our training gave me pause to consider physical and emotional stresses and holding patterns within. Truly a priceless gift!  It reminds me of the MELT Method, when we take the time to ASSESS how we live inside our bodies. Pilates is

Right away, we learned several breath patterns, tiny neck releases, and how to support our practice through fundamental Pilates principles of control, centering, and core strength. This is found NOT by strain or pain, but by release of tension.  Unlike other fitness practices, Pilates is best done with minimal effort for maximum results (look up Pilates quote), in other words we are not a no pain no gain mentality at TriPilates.

Case in point: the second weekend we focused on shoulder blade integration, which was perfectly timed in my world because we had just spent a wonderful weekend with Pat Guyton’s Franklin Method focusing on Shoulder: Pilates and Function.  We started with minuscule “baby bird” wings, then put on our “capes” to free the spine in all directions of movement, and moved to backbends and handstands/Pilates inversions! My upper back and thoracic spine haven’t felt this happy in a long, long time.  It’s as if I could “shoulder” whatever life throw at me know with new confidence and strength!

Finally, our curiosity was peeked as we experienced four days of the “Wunda” straps, archival straps on the Cadillac. If you struggle with a particular Pilates movement, have low back pain, neck strain or weak upper body in general, these straps may be your next best friend. We integrate everything we learn here at TriPilates! Kathy Grant used to call these the “helper” straps.  They have helped our studio stay cutting edge to carry on the brilliance of the Pilates Method. We’ve already got them suspended from our SILKS beam and teach groups (no more than 4)! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest videos and photos.

Graduation weekend was the most connected, intimate sharing I’ve ever experienced in our Pilates world so far. I’ve often felt like an island unto myself in the Pilates teaching world, yearning for a connection to other teachers that is non-competitive and productive.  I’m not a big party goer or conventioneer, so I appreciate newfound camaraderie. We all strive for the same thing – to carry the message of Pilates as a way of life!  To have more life in our days and more days in our life.

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