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Debbie HarrisDebbie Harris

Debbie teaches Classical Pilates Method, infusing your experience with all of it’s healing benefits.  Empower yourself to feel, know and do what it takes to improve the rest of your life. Strengthen weak areas, heal injuries, excel in your sport! Debbie’s private lessons and classes will energize you and help you feel balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

Debbie is a PMA-CPT® (Pilates Method Alliance nationally Certified Pilates Teacher) and graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training, 2016.

Owner, TriPilates, LLC. Training includes Certifications from: Frog Temple Pilates Center in Chicago, The Pilates Center in Boulder Masters Program, Rebecca Leone Pilates Excel, National Yoga Alliance – 200 RYT, Turbodog Yoga Teacher Training, MELT Method: Hand and Foot.

Expertise: Mat, Reformer, Tower, Low Chair, Barrels, Cadillac, Props.

Debbie is an experienced Mentor, giving guidance through private lessons and the TriPilates’ Mentorship program. She is committed to keeping both her teaching and her practice of Pilates precise and in accordance with the original Classical Pilates Method and standards set by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

Kathy Grant Heritage Training  is a journey into the work of Pilates elder, Kathleen Stanford Grant, an original student of Joseph Pilates and who died in 2008. This skill-based work, shared by Cara Reeser in Denver, Co. uncovers the essence of Pilates movements and exercises that transforms our bodies, minds and spirits. This 6-month post-graduate training fosters a new understanding of what Pilates and the art of teaching movement means. This training has profound influence and positive effect in the studio. 

Fran BianchiniFran Bianchini

If you want to feel energized and move more freely, Fran will get you there. She started Pilates five years ago as a gift to herself. As she became stronger in mind and body through Pilates, she wanted to take her practice further and share her experience with others. There is no truer words to be had that Pilates enriches our lives. The Pilates Method is for everyone no matter your size, gender, or age. Join her and make Pilates the cornerstone of your life, also!

Lauren CalicchioLauren Calicchio

Lauren’s passion for fitness and health will motivate you to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. Her energy, drive, and commitment will help you find your core connection, which she believes is the foundation for movement and balance. Lauren holds an MBA in Leadership and Change Management, teaches Barre, and is enthusiastic about receiving her Pilates Teacher Certification!

Candice CzosnykaCandice Czosnyka

Candice often struggles to devote time for herself and fitness, even more so today with two toddlers. Over the years, she’s sought out the most efficient ways to exercise: required the least amount of time and produced the best results. In 2008, she discovered Pilates and realized she found what she was looking for and so much more! In 2011, she earned her 480-hr Pilates Comprehensive Instructor Certification through Pilates Chicago. She enjoys teaching clients of all ages & skill levels, often focusing on technical form with reminders of mind/body connection, and loves that Pilates exercises are adaptable to everyone. She believes Pilates and understanding of the human body is a continuous learning experience and she is a lifelong student. “A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.” -Joseph Pilates.

Eileen HarrisEileen Harris

Explore the Pilates Method with Eileen, who will inspire you to breathe more fully and move more intuitively. Eileen was exposed to Pilates at a young age, but never practiced regularly until after graduating from Fairfield University, where she studied Creative Writing. Eileen was a rower for 6 years until the stress of repeated motion on her body was too much for her to continue. Finding her self consistently sick, tired and depressed, Eileen has found that only a regular practice of Pilates has helped.

She believes in the power of functional movement to promote overall healing of the body. As Joseph Pilates said, “Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

Annette GryniewiczAnnette Gryniewicz

Annette received her certification from The Frog Temple, where she learned classic Pilates form. She has been teaching for 15 years now, and is passionately committed to the empowerment of mind, body and spirit that Pilates offers. Annette considers herself lucky to have found Pilates and she aims to share the power of it to transform lives with as many people as she can. She has successfully transformed herself from a 190lb couch potato to her ideal weight and learned to find stability. Her teaching style is an all-embracing, compassionate approach that truly understands what it’s like to be a beginner at something, while also fueling the challenge to a better body.

Michelle Savoy

If you are looking for proof that Pilates makes a difference in your life and in your body, Michelle can attest to it. After studying Pilates for many years, she took a break to have two children. Just over two years later, she found herself 60 lbs overweight, with back pain and struggling to get back into shape, while juggling motherhood and a big corporate career.

Thankfully a return to regular Pilates training not only gave her peace and clarity of mind, an escape from a hectic life to focus on an hour of “me” time, but also overall body strength and toning. She calls it her “tummy tuck by Pilates” and is happy to share both her challenges and her success with you.

If you have been thinking about giving Pilates a try or are a student looking to come back, Michelle will partner with you on getting results.

Sue ZajacSue Zajac

Susan is committed to share with you the joy of being in your own body. Every Pilates session is a gain, a step forward to a higher level of wholeness in your body, mind, and spirit.

Susan’s purpose is to empower you with the knowledge and techniques of the Pilates Method for your own personal health and happiness. She is committed to your Pilates advancement.

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Debby G.
Debby G.
2016-12-25 13:17:00
Couldn't be happier to have found Debbie and the TriPilates Tribe! I look so very forward to my time spent with Debbie, Fran and all of the awesome people I...
Patty M.
Patty M.
2016-12-25 03:20:11
Such a great studio. Debbie is a great teacher and has a lovely staff. She has workshops on the Melt Method. Her mat and reformer classes are great. She...
D M.
D M.
2016-01-15 12:20:29
If you want to learn, practice or train to teach pilates this studio is THE PLACE. Debbie the owner is dedicated to her students 100% and teaching pilates...
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