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It’s been three months since we were “shut down” – and the effort to stay connected and to keep moving was truly a challenge, to say the least!  I followed my “God thoughts” and was teaching through Zoom within 48 hours of closing. Ever heard of “shoulder taps?” Here is the brief You Tube video I was reminded of today from about 2 years ago.  It speaks to me on a very deep level, as it is truly how I “live” and how I teach and share with others. Shoulder Taps  

It’s all about love!  Love connects us, first to ourselves, then to others, our community and our world.  That was Joe Pilates’ vision, in fact!  “Not one man can do the first 4 of my exercises correctly, how do you expect to have WORLD PEACE?”  Truly, self-care is the best healthcare – I’m sure we are ALL hearing this message loud and clear these days with face masks, social distancing, and mindfulness of others!  It is NOT about “me” and yet if we don’t keep ourselves healthy and moving, we are surely going to die. It’s been a blessing to be able to have a daily mat practice especially after “march matness!” – who knew that “Focus on Fitness” theme this year would be so profound!

FITNESS.  Just what does this mean to you?  There are 5 aspects of physical fitness, a good portion of which is addressed in “Contrology” exercises!

  • Muscular Strength. This is the “power” that helps you to lift and carry heavy objects
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body Fat Composition

I’m always amazed at how far ahead of his time Joe Pilates was in developing these exercises and apparatus so long ago!  He talked about “the modern, slumped over body!”   HA! If you have been excessively neglecting anyone of these, then likely NOW MORE THAN EVER, it’s time to focus on fitness!

I wonder what he would be doing today!  There really wasn’t much “coddling”  – take a look at this!  See and DO!   There was a LOT of that in our ZOOM classes and lessons.  Joe Pilates teaching The Hundreds and The Roll Up


FOCUS: As much as it is truly a blessing to connect with you virtually and with many of my favorite mentors and educators in my field (this virtual world of ours is here to stay), my focus is back at the studio.  Zoom private lessons and for the moment one class will be live-streaming (Monday 9:30a Mat) and requested private groups are available, but it is time to FOCUS.   Here’s why:

Some of the unspoken results of “fitness” are self-awareness, breath, mental clarity, calm, and renewed vigor.  This is the essence of my mission with TriPilates from DAY ONE. While it took me a bit of time to improve my visual and speaking skills on Zoom as an empathetic teacher, it did improve with practice!!  Same at the studio.  As our students have slowly started to come back to the studio, our skills will be “reacquired” through practice.  That is where the FOCUS will come in, with the resulting sense of well-being and good health.  Hope to see you soon!


Please check out the new website as we continue to go with the flow, and grow. tripilates.com

Please do not hesitate to txt me (708) 738-0077, email tripilates@gmail.com or call me with any questions.  Your safety and good health is my primary concern.  Please read our Covid-19 Response


Healthful Regards,


Debbie Harris,


R+F Consultant







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