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TriPilates Mission


TriPilates inspires people of all ages and fitness levels to realize greater balance, connection and vigor in their bodies, minds and spirits through the movements of Pilates exercises. We believe that by teaching and practicing Pilates, we empower others and ourselves to be healthier, energized, calm, and more positive.


Debbie Harris

Debbie teaches Classical Pilates Method, infusing your experience with all of it’s healing benefits.  Empower yourself to feel, know and do what it takes to improve the rest of your life. Strengthen weak areas, heal injuries, excel in your sport! Debbie’s private lessons and classes will energize you and help you feel balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

Pilates can help both the old and young alike, men and women, professional athletes and injured people. Joseph Pilates used to say that his exercise routine was years ahead of the rest and little did he know how prophetic that statement was. Nor, we think, did he realize how widespread it would become.

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Certifications & Stats

Debbie is a NCPT® (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher) and graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Training, 2016.

Owner, TriPilates, LLC. Training includes Certifications from: Frog Temple Pilates Center in Chicago, The Pilates Center in Boulder Masters Program, Rebecca Leone Pilates Excel, National Yoga Alliance – 200 RYT, Turbodog Yoga Teacher Training, MELT Method: Hand and Foot.

Expertise: Mat, Reformer, Tower, Low Chair, Barrels, Cadillac, Props.

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Classical Pilates Method

Core Strength + Flexibility

Gain strength and control in the area that runs the show – the core! You will also notice improved flexibility after a few consistent classes.

Correct Posture

Pilates is known to improve your posture, both during class and throughout your entire day. Correct posture = an immediate lift in your confidance.

Self Awareness + Sense of Well being

Become aware of your entire body and being! From head to toe you will connect with your movements and find yourself more present.

Enhanced Sports Performance

An improvement in the areas of strength, balance and agility will lead to better performance in sports.

Injury Prevention

A stronger and more flexible body can withstand injury better. Take each step or leap with confidance and strength.


It is precisely this vigor that inspired TriPilates into existance.

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