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It’s only mid-January and a break is in order. As an entrepreneur, January is always a challenge – new schedules, students, taxes, marketing, and oh yes, self-care. My body let me know it was time to S.T.O.P. – our jobs as Pilates teachers are quite physical and pain is a signal of something awry.  So I did. And I will. Take a break.  How about you?

After all, why would I not use my own skills to heal?  Exactly.  Having fun, enjoyment, relaxation ought to be as much a part of our daily lives as we put into our work and workouts! Here’s the whole paragraph written by Joe Pilates:

“Since we are living in this Modern Age we must of necessity devote more time and more thought to the important matter of acquiring physical fitness. This does not imply that we must devote ourselves only to the mere development of any particular pet set of muscles, but rather more rationally to the uniform development of our bodies, so that we may not only be in a better position to earn our daily bread, but also that we may have sufficient vitality in reserve at night for the enjoyment of compensating pleasure and relaxation.” – p. 17, Return to Life

The key word in here? VITALITY. In years past for SURE I rarely had that in reserve, but that old story is over, but a distant memory, grief well tolled. Getting more SLEEP, (thanks to the Whole Life Challenge) being of service to others through two businesses, acknowledging a deep faith that this season will pass gives me hope that 2021 will get better! I’m fairly certain that I remember how to experience pleasure and relaxation, good thing I love what I do and do what I love!

Are you ready for some TriPilates F.U.N. in 2021? 

Never Give Up!

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