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Here we are towards the end of Summer 2021! We have all felt remarkable shifts from getting back to our Pilates practice, being out and about, traveling and back together with family, friends, and work. No matter what is going on in the world around us, slow down enough to notice how you are breathing!

This week I was reminded of TriPilates “5-5-5 Core Warm-Up.”  Do you remember?  It is exactly where the image foot to trunk ‘like the roots of a tree’ came from in my mind and we have been teaching that for years.  It’s amazing how our mind can tune into our movement more freely when we focus on breath!  If you feel stress at all, whether it’s your life situation, emotional responses, or physical tightness or pain, notice your breathing!

You’ve heard me say – pull away from it in both directions and breathe into “it.”  So the next time you feel ANY of those, try this very simple “box breathing.”  Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, exhale 4 counts, hold 4 counts.  It is safe and effective for calming the body, mind, and spirit.  Do you have a meditation practice?  35 years ago I could NOT sit still for more than a minute (seriously!) and now I do “sit” every morning (albeit with coffee) for 10 no matter what. I have practiced with various breath patterns, intentional focus, and reflective thinking. It’s all, combined with my years of Yoga and Pilates practice given me a tremendous amount of patience and persistence.  No matter WHAT is going on around me, staying present with breath is a key ingredient to serenity.

We have a very long road to come out of this pandemic, the shutdown, the imminent threat of more of the same, yet trust me. This, too, shall pass.  TriPilates mission is to empower YOU to feel, see, know, and do what it takes to heal your life. That means to stay healthy, fit, and alive! Never Give Up, take a deep breath, and keep your practice strong!

In an effort to serve you more fully, virtual meditation and You Tube videos are in the works for the Fall.

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