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Oh, I remember well!   My first experience with “Pilates,” or as I thought it was called “Pie” “lets”  hahaha, was overwhelming at best. In a class with 40 people at a health club trying to keep up with the pace of a vigorous workout.  All I knew was after having four babies, I had heard it was “good for my core.”  Fast forward to grabbing the first private lesson I could get at that very same teacher’s new studio. There were NO group reformer classes, that was never a “thing.”  Sure, there were other reformers, but back in the day, Pilates was ALWAYS taught and best learned (still is) in a private lesson.

Flash forward to 11 years ago (that was 18!), when TriPilates first opened it’s doors. I was certain that through 6 years of private lessons and a year long certification training program, I would be SET to make Pilates accessible (closer to home) and more affordable. TriPilates was the first in our nearby O’Hare area to offer Group Reformer classes, health clubs started jumping in, other studios in the surrounding Chicagoland area were, so why not me?  After all, the more people doing Pilates, the better!  Indeed!

Our theme this year is MOVEMENT.  Pilates MOVES us.  I am MOVED to tears when I see people lives transformed like my own has! My own body rarely has pain and I feel younger and stronger than I did 18 years ago! It is truly a journey that changes lives! Not only do we move physically, but I have seen students whose lives have been wrought with emotional turmoil, stress, and difficulty whose Pilates practice has brought a sense of peace and well-being, the calm in the eye of a storm in some cases.  Pilates is here to “get you MOVING” for the sedentary, for MOVE your focus internally for those driven by distraction, and to MOVE you into a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.


How do we do that?  Joe Pilates was GENIUS.  Period.  It’s all about CONNECTION.  Not only the physical connection of our movements, limbs to core, breath to heart pumping blood, stretch to strength and control, but to the connection of PEOPLE.  Humans.  Human movement.  It is said that Joe Pilates watched, studied, felt, practiced, and perfected natural movement.  But it is through his TEACHING to a BODY in front of him where this connection reigned.

Got GOALS?  TriPilates excels at connecting to YOU to meet your goals.  One on one, customized attention. Someone asked me today when they could go to the group class?  You can do that any time!  Most of our group class attendees all take private lessons AND do groups – thereby speaking to JOE’S Promise:

TriPilates has been blessed with students who keep coming back, not only because of Joe’s Promise, but because of our community of love and support for each other.  We care.  It’s simple.  We are humans connecting with each other through the movements of Pilates.  Pilates is here for you, for the rest of your life!  So are we.  If you are craving connection with each other, with a community, with your own self, in your life, “try” Pilates.


Oh, and that MAT class?  Go to a group mat class and LOVE it.  Practice on your own!  Enjoy our March Matness review each day of the month and JOIN US! #marchmatness on social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Even an occasional snapchat.  Follow Us!  #tripilates

Look for more Spring Specials in the coming weeks, get “MOVING!” again.  Guess what?  It’s not LUCK.  It’s commitment, it’s connection, it’s movement, and it’s consistency over time.  No magic cures in a 1 hour burn class.  Nope.  Even if you do that 7 times a week, Pilates is best done over time – Joe’s Promise is meant IF PRACTICED 3-4 times a week.  Ready?








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