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New Year, New Us, New YOU!  New word, new website, new class schedule, new movement potential, new friends, new students, new goals, new workshops, new days ahead!

So excited to welcome SO many new students who braved the busy holiday season BEFORE the New Year!  If you haven’t scheduled your Special Intro to Private Lesson Package (buy two get one FREE for $180), do it soon!  We have some early bird open times, late morning/early afternoon midweek, and Sunday availability only.

Take advantage or our New Year’s Movement Package:

10 Apparatus, 10 Mat Classes (saves $75!) for $400 (use by April 1)

So here’s the thing! Our body, mind, and spirit need MOVEMENT. However YOU like to move, Pilates can help you move more efficiently, with strength and control. Have an injury? Pilates will make you aware of how to prevent future injury and help you heal from your situation right now!  Have a goal?  Marathon, tennis, rock climbing, golf, you name it – Pilates will get you to your peak form. Feeling any stress? The concentration and precision of Pilates for that hour can relieve you of thinking about it! Furthermore, you will feel both relaxed and energized at the same time! Feeling a little “blue” after the holidays?  Already blew your New Year’s Resolution? How about this COLD.  Sheesh.  Pilates will lift your spirits more than you can imagine.  I know this for a fact – have been able to walk through loss and scary times because of helping others and myself with Pilates. I definitely practice what I preach – still take private lessons myself. The consistency of my practice helps me walk through anything – the pains and the joys of life. I am SO grateful for our studio!  Many people have the goal of losing weight this time of year – my experience is that it is a lifestyle habit change that gets you there.

JOIN US TODAY: TriPilates for Health! (Whole Life Challenge starts January 20!)

Let’s keep moving, because we’ve got BIG PLANS! Stay tuned!  Oh, and remember to sign up SOON for our Pat Guyton Workshops!  It’s been a pleasure to bring this to our studio, she is delightful, a Master teacher of over 30 years, Franklin Level III Certified, and is available for private lessons during the day Friday ONLY before the Franklin Method Workshop January 26.

Private Lessons Friday Jan 26 $150  RESERVE YOUR TIME NOW!
Pat will introduce MORE in this enlightening workshop – come!
$85 includes orange balls,

4-2 hour Reformer & Mat – any combo of classes open to students of ALL LEVELS) $75/ea.

Joe Pilates’ philosophy was whole body movement. The cervical spine can become stronger and more flexible. this can be applied to all Pilates exercises through simple embodiment movements that teach awareness. If you are strong, you can get stronger. If you have had neck pain, learn self-care and injury prevention. If you teach movement, learn assessment and cuing. It is FUN!
The shoulder girdle and ribcage need to be flexible, strong, and adaptable for movement. Refine awareness of the coordination of arms, shoulder girdle, and ribcage as the spine moves through exercises. Replace static commands with imagery, feel the difference!
The Ribcage and Lungs – Flexibility and Breath.
The ribcage contains and protects the lungs and the heart. The organs must adapt the shape of the body as it moves through positions in daily activity and exercise. The ribcage must slide and adapt to the core of the body and allow for breathing. Everything is connected and is coordinated. Healthy movement improves organ function. Good breathing is the first prerequisite to movement.
The first exercise that teaches articulation is often the bridge. This is an essential skill for life. It is self-care and a warm up for Pilates or any activity. Healthy spine joints should have full range of motion with consideration of the shape, age, genetics, relative fitness, and history of injury. Each joint should coordinate with all of the other joints of the body. Therefore, articulation within all planes of motion include the tailbone and the neck and the head. Expand your awareness of the spine and embody Joe’s message: “You are as young as your spine is flexible.”
The Reformer is a support and can direct movement. When you become more aware of the core and the spine, the body will direct the reformer to move. An advanced exercise is an an advanced mind and body applied to any exercise. The journey is not a list of exercises adequately done. It is the pleasure derived from the enhancement to life that comes from your practice.
2 – 4 hour workshops –
GREAT for teachers and students who want to delve further in your teaching and your practice!
$125 each

Thank you in advance for your support!  It is a huge effort for Pilates studios to network and host these amazing workshops and make them available to our local teachers and our TriPilates Tribe!  We want this to be an enjoyable weekend for all!


Oh, and fun fact! The header image on our home page was picked out by my new friend, Gosia, who didn’t even know those are my sons in the front and in the very back, my daughter, Eileen, who now teaches Pilates!  She also didn’t know that on my blog page, the photo was a self-timer that I took on my 60th birthday trip to Montana after a long hike and that is ME! Same with the backbend…. It’s been a great 2017 and we are MOVING onward!  Welcome 2018!


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