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We began 2018 with the idea that Pilates, our studio, and our life is all about movement.  Here’s a recap of the highlights:

Winter: Pat Guyton’s brilliant workshops on natural movement, focusing on shoulder blade and shoulder mobility to access more core and freedom of movement.

Spring:  A Spring Ski trip brought our now favorite Lower Leg/Ankle/knee/ship aligning “toe tapping sequence” which has changed our world, in many cases our students practice this daily on their own. IF you haven’t received a copy of the handout, please ask!

Summer: Tower class really took off, with waiting lists frequently and special private groups (thank you, Candice!)  We’ve decided to add an additional Tower class starting mid-January on Tuesday evenings at 6:30.  It’s a Tower/Mat Combo and Wednesday morning the same with some added Low Chair.

Fall: Several trips to Milwaukee brought the experience of our bio-intelligence training with Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle at Trey Frey’s MKE Kinetic studio, and a review of Archival Mat and Reformer with Amy Taylor Alpers at Parkview Pilates!

With the onset of the horrible cold that swept the nation (and our studio) we’ve found that spinal health is as important as organ health – and that our breathing muscle(s) are felt through our hands and feet (thank you, Melt Method).

We hope that ALL students who have loyally continued with their private lessons are feeling the difference this personalized attention can make!  We’ve opened up some additional times for Private lessons on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings.  Please contact the studio soon to schedule yours! 

ALL of our group classes aim to address the needs of each student, however please be mindful that a group is 3-4 or more, private and semi-private lessons are 1-2. It is always respectful of the teacher and the studio to compensate accordingly.  That being said, classes may be canceled if it looks like there is low enrollment, unless the students would prefer to change it to a private session.  We will assess this 12 hours ahead of class.  Lastly, as always with the start of a New Year – we wipe the slate clean!   Studio policy allows for 2 emergency cancellations/year per student.  Please allow 24 hours in advance for group class cancellations and 48 hours for private lessons.  Thank you! 


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