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Happy first day of Summer!  So excited to share a brief thought about our theme this year: MOVEMENT.  We would all agree Pilates is whole body movement, I’m sure. What happens when you feel pain or tightness?  We tend to STOP or slow down and sense that lack of movement. Many of you have been experiencing this “pause” if you will, then taking another inhale feel the pain, tightness, or whatever “stops” the movement MOVE!

That’s it!  So simple, really.  Pilates heals from the inside out because of the movement of breath.  It affects the whole body, your organs, particularly, and is what keeps us healthy and happy!  So get out this Summer – move – enjoy the big sky, the sunshine, all of your favorite activities – even reading under a shady tree or going for a stroll at the zoo or the gardens, but remember to breathe!  It’s where is all begins.

“Breath is the first act of life and the last.”  – Joe Pilates

Want a super fun challenge?  Join us for the Whole Life Challenge, TriPilates-for-Health Team and track your 6 daily lifestyle habits in 6 weeks.  Personally I’ve done it 7 times and have COMPLETELY changed my habits of eating cookies and not getting enough sleep.  I’ve increased my sleep quota by an hour, my goal is MORE!  So I’ll keep going.  Starts July 7.  Sign up here:  http://www.whole.lc/wlc1807/pt/tripilates-for-health


Keep moving this Summer!  Take your practice wherever you go.  Remember matwork can be done ANYWHERE! I intend to take a hike, go sightseeing, listen to music outdoors, and finish a book.  What are YOU going to do. My own Pilates journey takes me anywhere I want to go.  How about you?


We will be open same hours, but if no one has signed up for a class 12 hours ahead, it will be canceled. If you are in town, come in! News?  MELT JULY 7 12-1:30p.  Classes of two are considered semi-private lessons.  This also will be decided 12 hours ahead and you have the option to come in or not. (we will txt you). Looking ahead: Meditation practice end of July: Ho’Oponopono.   More on that soon!

Summer schedule is online now.



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