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This weekend we honor and respect the women in our lives who share the qualities of motherhood that we cherish! Yet I beg the question – do we give ourselves that same honor and respect? Teaching and practicing Pilates has definitely changed us, it’s now time to find more balance.  So grateful for our teachers and students who are coming in more often now!

I will never stop quoting Kate, “Take good care of yourself because no one else will do that for you.”  This was in the middle of being a busy Mom, raising 4 kids, juggling music lessons, Kumon and homework, athletics, shopping, cooking, vacation planning, birthday parties, holiday hosting, and dates with my late husband.  She was prophetic, and many times was known to say, “I need a bigger God.”

Those kids are grown up now, leaving me with a sense of satisfaction yet curiosity.  My dreams and visions have had to shift, life is redefining itself every single day, I take NOTHING for granted. Good health, peace of mind, and service to others drives my every day. So instead of saying, “God look at all our problems, I say to our problems, look how big our God is!”   We are collective consciousness and I do believe in karma. Where do we go next? How do we continue to stay healthy and happy and oh yeah, have some fun, too!

With 2021 well on its way and more and more people get vaccinated, please remember to continue to mask up and follow safety protocols. The BEST way to keep our studio thriving is to keep up your practice.  Not one person has found it difficult to participate with a mask on. Not only that, I do believe it’s an even better indication of how we are all BREATHING!

As TriPilates picks up pace this Spring and Summer, bring honor and respect to yourself and others at the studio. It is INCREDIBLE that we were able to remain OPEN, and we have a long way to go to “make up for 2020.”  The absolute best thing we can all do is keep moving, learn more about ourselves in our Pilates practice.  How we practice Pilates is exactly how we do our life.  The virtual Pilates practice is not going away as we can do mat anywhere and reach a wider community, yet my vision has always been small group classes and private studio, with a few small surprises in store!

We will do our best to offer variety in scheduling and class types, this heavily reliant upon your commitment. Movement HEALS! The anxiety and stress of the past is disappearing slowly, have you noticed how your body and life feels a little freer? Or are you stuck working at home, juggling kids like I was, caring for elderly folks, overcommitted and under-nurtured?  Let TriPilates help you to de-stress, with “zest and pleasure,” as Joe Pilates wrote.  It may feel uncomfortable at first, we’ve had to burden this cloak of doom for so long, but cast that aside and come in soon!

We’ve had several new students coming in to “check us out” and some long-time students touching base to come back soon. Curious minds want to know – how can we support you best? We are here for you, and ready to have more F.U.N. in 2021! Definitely a major intention for me personally, and I hope for you, too!  ENJOY THE DAY!

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