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What are they? Somedays I just feel so light and refreshed, going with the flow. Even if my teaching load is a lot bigger than I think it should be, I just think of one moment at a time, one breath at a time. Just go with the flow. My clients inspire me to teach, the apprentices inspire me to model the best that I can. Days go by like this.

Then, tonight, I went back to the studio after dinner tonight feeling very down and blue. One of the most fascinating things about Pilates – to me – is that it ELEVATES THE SPIRIT. I was mostly teaching, but I did manage to get in a little movement tonight. I’m still emotionally drained, but my body feels invigorated. A good night’s rest now, and I’m sure the mood will lift. Elevate.

It’s amazing to me that Joseph Pilates was so far ahead of his time, that he really embraced whole body health – body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful for his vision and will move on, not dwell. Just one movement to the next, one breath into the other.

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