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New to Pilates? Think you “know” Pilates? Tried it but “it hurt this or that?” Think again! The movement of Pilates exercises will never give up on YOU, in fact who ever heard of a business that teaches students to do it on their own?
That’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the past 12 years. In fact the people who DO practice on their own are the ones who injure themselves less or not at all “I slipped on the ice but something kicked in and I didn’t even hurt myself,” or the most frequent comment is they FEEL. We spend entirely too much time staying busy, rushing from one latest workout to the next or one appointment to the next, or just too busy to come in a FEEL better through the movements of Pilates. Quite often, students don’t even know HOW they feel until they come in, get tuned into their breath and their core and start to MOVE MORE!
What is March Matness?  A social media genius idea that has spread worldwide.  Each new day of March reviews the next mat exercise as it is described in Return to Life by Joe Pilates.  What keeps us Classical is our respect of the order and attempt at precision of the movements.  Our goal is to keep educating our community that Pilates can be done by anyone, anywhere at any age. Which is WHY we’ve restarted Pilates 101.
Curious minds want to know…. What is YOUR favorite Mat exercise?
Send me a picture of you doing it!
Thank you for your response and your referrals!
We appreciate your friendship and business over the years.
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