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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  That old expression really is not for the faint of heart.  Today was no exception and I have arrived at this moment RIGHT NOW feeling SO very grateful!  How did I get so lucky to be able to help people by sharing my experience, my strength, and my hope for a healthier, happy, life? Earlier today I spoke with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time. We reminisced a little, got caught up, and learned about other mutual friends – one divorced, one back to working an administrative job (this is what I started doing in my 20’s, it did actually bring me here to Chicago!), and others who have struggled with other life happenings.  No one is exempt!  Life happens! It’s what we do with it that makes the difference.

We all do our best, always,  This I know.  I was rollerblading and biking earlier tonight looking at beautiful homes, thinking about the one I no longer have. I have my moments of missing “the old life” but honestly, I am so ready to move forward. Sitting outside in this beautiful evening in my backyard, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I love my job. I love feeling healthy and helping others do the same.  How did I get so lucky?  I witness my four children blossoming into loving, caring, creative, resourceful, young adults – each one unique and so very special, not only to me but the people in their lives. I could go on and on, suffice it to say they are my joy.

The fact that over 30 years ago I coughed so hard I cracked a rib catapulted me to owning my own Pilates studio where I go to work to help people breathe and move better is beyond my wildest dreams. Today I get to take better care of myself and help others do the same in a new business that is bringing me daily challenges and moments of happiness and hope! The coolest part of that is that just like I can teach you HOW to teach Pilates, I can teach you this new business as well! It’s all about connections, sharing ourselves, and helping each other.

Most of you know I am intrigued by the full moons, it’s gentle power and presence.  Tonight is no exception. This month’s full moon is our opportunity to count — and fully enjoy — our blessings. It is called a “Buck Moon” (because Deer’s antlers are fully grown by July) or a “Blessing Moon.”  I think of this as a time to slow down and really appreciate the love and beauty in our everyday life. One of my favorite things to do is float on water (yes, on the paddle board, raft, or even waterskiing…) as a metaphor for this time of year.  Going with the flow…

Before we know it we will be busy with Fall calendars, holiday schedules, and planning for a brand new year. It’s been nothing short of a miracle this year, celebrating 10 years in business, signing for another 5, starting a new venture and just being really excited about all the people and adventure coming into our lives. TriPilates has seen a surge of new students, giving us validation that Pilates will continue to help people. My new Rodan + Fields business is connecting me to friends far and near and my vision for that is beyond my wildest dreams.  How did I get so lucky? It all started with a decision, an inkling in my heart and I followed it.

Despite what seemed like life’s most difficult hardships, losing everything and people so close to me, I am SO grateful for a new outlook. I wake up excited to do what is in front of me to do, the share and help others. I am having SO MUCH FUN! Willingness is the key – follow your heart, listen to your gut, and just move forward! Who wants in with me? I’m ready for the ride of my life!

Stay tuned / SAVE THE DATE for news about our TriPilates Gratitude Celebration on November 11 – FOOD, FUN, and LOVE! Let’s get ready for an amazing rest of the year! Do What You Love in 2017!

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