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Energy up!  The days are shorter, the evenings are cooler, and duties call. The holidays are around the corner!  We are ready to JUMP into Fall! Here’s why!

“Civilization impairs physical fitness.” – Joe Pilates, 1945

We have seen an increase in posture related ailments – doubled up over screens, bent over desks and phones, stressing about deadlines, running the kids around –  Covid has had a profound effect on our physical, spiritual and emotional well being! Many stopped, or took a break, or did other things, we are VERY lucky that TriPilates is still open! Pilates actually reverses our natural physical decline and over 50 years after Joseph Pilates’ death, his methods still offer a potent antidote!

TriPilates is here to help you jumpstart your good health again, and keep going! 

Pilates will make a difference in how you play – add years to your life!!

TriPilates mission is to empower others to know how to heal their body, mind, and spirit with Pilates exercises! Many classes and private lessons incorporate a pace that will challenge you at your level, whether you are beginner or have been coming since we opened! Stay tuned for a FUN 15 year celebration in early 2022! We are still here because of YOU!

Here’s the thing, and I say it with love from my heart, compassion because I KNOW, and an effort to SERVE. Our belief that while Pilates may be frustrating for the mind, difficult for the body at first to control your muscles, the power and strength from breaking through barriers will overcome ANY physical limitation! The springs both humble our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses. It’s a MINDSET to keep going, trust the Pilates journey, believe in the healing powers of movement.


Mission Statement

TriPilates inspires people of all ages and fitness levels to realize greater balance, connection and vigor in their bodies, minds and spirits through the movements of Pilates exercises. We believe that by teaching and practicing Pilates, we empower others and ourselves to be healthier, energized, calm, and more positive.


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