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the hundred

THE HUNDRED: Curl into a C-shape, extend legs out to a working level and pump arms precisely 100 times, breathing deeply. Inhale through the nose for 5 pumps and exhale through the mouth for 5 pumps. Keep lower abdominals engaged and low back lengthened. (Working level is with no neck pain or extra arch in your back – keep a natural back position with pelvis and shoulders relatively stable).

roll up pilates

ROLL UP: Lay down with arms reaching up, lift head, neck, and shoulders to engage your lower abdominals, then peel your spine off the mat reaching for your feet. Roll your pelvis to curl back down, one vertebrae at a time in a flowing movement. Inhale to roll up, exhale to stretch forward, inhale to roll hips back, exhale to roll down. (5-8 reps)


SINGLE LEG CIRCLES: Reach one leg directly above hip socket, circle it over supporting leg on the mat, down then around like a clock. Keep your arms pressing against the mat to stabilize the shoulders and allow the spine to twist. Inhale to reach the leg around and exhale to bring the leg back to center. Circle 5 times each way and switch legs.

ROLLING LIKE A BALL: Hold ankles, press your shins into your hands and make space in the front of your pelvis by deepening your lower abdominals to then float the feet off the mat. Control for a moment with balance. Keep a lifted round shape, inhale to rock back to tips of your shoulder blades – not your head – and exhale back up to find balance control. (5-8 reps)

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