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Before we reflect on this year, let’s take a moment to appreciate today!  How do you start YOUR day?

Every single day I start with a prayer, a gratitude list, and something upside down.  Yes, upside down.  It stimulates the nervous system, wakes me up, and also CHEERS me up.  Life is not necessarily easy, but it can be simple! Then I meditate and have COFFEE. To be honest, I only occasionally roll to the floor for a round of The Hundred…  

Ask yourself:  Are you breathing? Are you enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday season?  Are you spending time taking care of yourself and enjoying quality time with family and friends?  Maybe not all of these things perfectly, but do remember to slow down and be grateful for every single day! Come in for a class or a lesson, my experience is that the MORE you DO practice Pilates, the more energy, stamina, and strength and yes, JOY you will have this holiday season! 

Please come:

Saturday, December 23 at noon after YOGA class

WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION & COOKIE EXCHANGE and prop sale (white rollers and mats for sure)

It’s time to share the toys and clear the clutter, make room for the new year ahead. 

Remember our Holiday Health Package is available to purchase now through the end of the year, as well as Gift Certificates.  Last but not least, earlier this season I asked for suggestions for our theme for 2019.  Kristin Pagenkopf gets credit for suggesting MORE, which just happened to be the theme in NOLA at the Rodan + Fields convention. During one of my swim meditations, it occurred to me that I really LIKE it. I really LOVE what I do, do you?  MOVE MORE in 2019! 

Stay tuned for MORE along those lines –  MORE Energy, MORE Strength, MORE Growth, MORE Movement, MORE Balance, MORE Happiness.  Thank you for a wonderful year of Movement in 2018 from all of us at TriPilates.




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