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As the longest day of the year comes and goes and we breeze into Summer, consider this question:  How Free do you want to be?
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that coughing so hard that I cracked a rib due to chronic bronchitis would lead to years later helping others at TriPilates learn to breathe and move well with Pilates and Yoga.  It is STUNNING to think of the mindset that has brought me to today! Pilates is for LIFE, in fact Joe Pilates’ book is called, “Return to Life with Contrology!”

My recent trip to Florida to help my Mom move really showed me how important freedom  is – to choose where we want to live, where and how to live and what we want to do. Never taking that for granted, I learn so much from her wisdom. Freedom is, in the pure sense, the absence of constraint in choice or action, no one better to model this than my Mom. While the aging process takes it’s toll on us in different ways, certainly I see how precious it is to have a CLEAR MIND. For as Joe Pilates says, “It is the mind that controls the body.”  Or as I hear Romana said, Pilates is three things: “Strength, Stretch and Control – Control being the most important because it engages your mind.”

As we welcome more new students to TriPilates, I am keenly aware of this process. Perhaps you are coming in with a chronic injury or de-conditioned body, perhaps you are cross-training or simply curious how Pilates can help you, the journey starts with your first session. I remember mine well – couldn’t do “Tree” in a class of 40 people on the mat, reached out for private lessons and immediately felt “seen” and left with a sense of calm, well-being, and vigor! Pilates is now a lifetime journey of well over 20 years for me, Yoga over 35. It has been a true gift to follow my heart, to choose freedom to be and become who I am meant to be. Our theme this year is as always very apropos to the times –

Freedom in Movement and in Life.

Each day is a new beginning, we are different every single day. Classes are never rehearsed, it’s as a friend said to me once – we commit to you and you commit to us. See you soon and often and remember – Pilates can be done anywhere! Welcome SUMMER!

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