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Change is in the air! Find connection and energy with the help of our TriPilates community!

Are you feeling the shift already?? We are!

What a glorious Summer it’s been, welcoming many new students and those returning after a break for one reason or another.  We are always so appreciative of our students of MANY years, it is our belief that the practice of “Contrology” does help us achieve our fitness AND life goals. Whether it’s a private, semi-private, or group class, connect to yourselves and make any changes you intend! Here are a few quotes I regularly hear at the studio:

“I always feel so much better when I leave.”
“My hip now feels amazing, more open and relaxed”
“That was hard, but I feel GREAT!”
“Definitely feeling so much stronger!”
“My lower back isn’t hurting anymore!”
“I feel that in my butt.”
“That feels GOOOD!” (about Spine Stretch with the Straps

Did you know that how you end one year is how you start the next year?
Use this busy season ahead to tap into YOUR purpose to learn how TriPilates can help YOU!

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