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Summer is here to stay!  There’s lots of energy outside, sunshine, changing weather, and a full moon. Here at the Pilates studio, we connect to that energy to “feel the heat” in our own body.

Not feeling it on the reformer? Take a lesson.
Mat work too challenging? Take the chair class.
Moving too slowly for you? Come to Cardio class.
Need to slow down and feel what’s going on in your body?
Turbodog Yoga class. Need to relax? 
Semi-Private Silks. (email me your requests for silks class!)

Find Your Center

There is no one specific Pilates class, piece of equipment, or particular exercise that will truly balance your body in any one day. It’s the search for it that is so intriguing.

Movement From Center

Each TriPilates class is unique, with a different theme, focus, or concentration. Learn to practice Pilates from your center, so that no matter if you are here at the studio, sitting at work, traveling on vacation, or outside in your sport, you are empowered from within.

Feel Your Fire

“These exercises induce the heart to pump strong and steadily with the result that the bloodstream is forced to carry and discharge more and more of the accumulated debris created by fatigue….Soon the entire body is abundantly charged with fresh oxygen, a fact which makes itself instantly known as the revitalized blod reaches the tips of your fingers and toes similarly as the heat generated by a good head of steam in your boiler and properly distributed by your radiators is felt in every room in your house.” – Joe Pilates, Return to Life, p 22-23

Connect your own “internal shower” (as Joe describes the heat generated from within while doing Pilates) here at the studio or on the road! Pilates is exercise that goes wherever you go. Fire up this summer, get a jump start on the Fall fitness craze.

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