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What’s the Difference?
At TriPilates we recognize that you have a choice here in our community. From the very start, the intention of opening a studio was to posture teaching Pilates to “feel the difference.” Pilates was not even so well known just 8 years ago, our community already strong with personal training, yoga, and the like. How could a new teacher be successful against such odds?
The Answer:  YOU!
How do you FEEL? We start each class or lesson connecting to ourselves this way. This week everyone unanimously agreed on descriptions such as:
“stiff, sluggish, and cold.”
In each and every group class, lesson, or personal practice, it is my intention to give, guide, and inspire our lives to the complete opposite spectrum:
“flexible, energized, and warm!”
There are a multitude of descriptions everyday, but the most poignant came in a txt from Jola:
“Thanks so much for making my whole day different!”
This is TRULY why I teach, practice, and believe in Pilates!  THANK YOU!
How do YOU want to be different in 2015? 
It is awe-inspiring to think that the studio started in my basement, and has grown to be what it is today.  My heart is full of pride and gratitude for my teachers along the way and for everything I am able to do at age 57. 
The practice of Pilates exercises makes a difference in our lives: our bodies, minds, and spirits. In retrospect, I can FEEL a HUGE difference between the beginning of last year and this year.  Let me share:
No Pain.  Anywhere. **
Would you like some of that?  
The journey is never over, it’s but a beginning of a lifetime practice. My own intentions include compassion with my family life, and to work with a mentor to keep my teaching fresh, Classical, exciting, and pertinent. Another goal is to deepen my understanding of  injuries and medical conditions. Our bodies have a natural ability to heal with Pilates movements as the guide or road map.
** True story – just about to send this email out and BOOM.  Stood up too fast yesterday with a twist and an arch hurrying to get to an early morning student. OUCH!  My left hip twisted and my back was in pain.  Just. That. Fast. On a different side than normal.  Yikes!  Not me!  Yup me. For the past 24 hours, I’ve “MELTed,” Franklin ball, Roller, Pilates mat, Footwork, Cardio Barre, and finally, Reformer. GONE.  The pain is gone. Movement heals, especially mindful movement!  Get into your body and practice!
TriPilates is growing! COME WITH US! 
Our student teachers have been practicing, learning, and teaching.  You will see new names on the schedule. They are now available for heavily discounted private lessons group mat classes (limited time offer only!) We are now open 7 days a week, with more coming on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and Sunday morning. This is a great way to get that extra workout in each week, or simply to stretch and breathe a little more.
Make your own intentions, do something EVERYDAY. (take a quick peak at the Dr. James Rouse video on the newsletter).  Find your WHY for the New Year!   Life happens in the little moments, just like our cues, breath, flow, control, precision, concentration, centering…. it all matters in little moments in Pilates.  One day, seemingly suddenly, you realize you are DIFFERENT.  You are an amazing human being, from the inside out.
 FEEL THE DIFFERENCE in 2015, not only to heal yourself, make changes, etc., but an awareness that YOU ALREADY ARE AMAZING. ..that it is within you to do, see, and feel the difference in your life by coming on your very own Pilates journey here at TriPilates.
If you are so inclined, take five minutes to give us your thoughts, shares, and hopes for the New Year.
 What is the difference that Pilates MAKES in your life?
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