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How do I cancel my class?

Client Cancellation

Please cancel at least 48 hours for private lessons, 24 hours ahead for group classes to avoid cancellation fee.

You can also leave a message at the studio at (847) 698-6338. Please understand we cannot waive cancellation fees unless there is an emergency. In non-emergency or last minute cancellations, the regular fee will be charged or deducted from your package. Studio Policy allows for 2 emergency cancellations per year (illness, etc.)

Studio Cancellation
TriPilates reserves the right to cancel classes/appointments due to instructor illness or emergency unavailability. We will do our best to notify you immediately in such cases, and will reschedule you at your convenience.
Reserving your space/ Waitlist
Sign-up in advance for as many classes as you have paid for. If class is full, you will be added automatically to the waitlist. When someone cancels a class, the first name on the waitlist will be automatically added and confirmed for the class. If this happens to you, you will receive an email or text message confirming that you have been added to the class. Be reminded that being on the waitlist is like being signed up. If you are added to class and can’t make it you’ll have to cancel.
Arriving late
Please strive to arrive on time and you will get the most out of your session. Some studios do not let students into the class beyond the first 10 minutes of class, but if you are familiar with the series, please warm-up (The Hundred) and join the group.
Respect the community

You know, the usual. We ask, however, to have courtesy for all and refrain from talking, calling or texting once you enter the class.

Studio Etiquette
Remove shoes and put belongings in locker room and wash your hands.  Each apparatus is equipped with hand sanitizer, gloves, and anti-bacterial spray to properly disinfect everything before and after your class. 
TriPilates is a full service Pilates studio just minutes from Uptown Park Ridge, with plenty of parking behind the building and on the street. No need to bring a mat, everything you need will be provided. Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Pilates is done in bare feet or socks, if you prefer. Please have clean hands and feet. Please refrain from wearing perfume or essential oils.

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