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Core Values are at the very center of our TriPilates Community.  For those of you new to our studio, it is truly important to us as teachers to value our time with family and friends, take responsibility for our health and well-being, stay positive and have faith that Pilates can and does heal our bodies and our lives! I am certainly proof of that, no matter what.  It is ALSO in my soul to love and serve others and to bring this work to our community at large.

In thinking about our upcoming participation in March Matness and our theme this year of Core Connection a few thoughts came to mind. In ‘Return to Life’ – there is very little mention of “how” to “connect” one exercise to the next (it was a book, after all, with still photos). We will attempt to describe and film the FLOW of the Mat exercises throughout the month. Secondly, our COMMUNITY is vital to who we are. We’ve told many of you that we learn as much teaching as we in our own practice and lessons. This year will highlight our amazing students – many have chosen an exercise to practice, describe, video or photo shoot (I’ll take care of that part) and we will all learn from each other!

It strikes to the core of who we are – a vibrant, Classical boutique Pilates studio.  Please follow along on social media –  IG, Tik Tok, FB and LinkedIn for daily tips and connections from our students and teachers.

TriPilates Mission

TriPilates inspires people of all ages and fitness levels

to realize greater balance, connection and vigor

in their bodies, minds and spirits

through the movements of Pilates exercises.

We believe that by teaching and practicing Pilates,

we empower others and ourselves

to be healthier, energized, calm, and more positive.

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