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Imagine standing next to Joe himself while teaching! I hear he didn’t explain very much, just *go do this* *push there* – none of the experience I’ve had as I’ve transitioned into a teacher. I started as a student, and still consider myself to be a student of Pilates. It’s challenged my mental abilities, forced me to learn or at least scratch the surface of learning anatomy and how it relates to Pilates movement.

While my mission at the studio is to inspire people of all ages and fitness levels to experience Pilates in their own bodies, the task at any given moment while teaching Pilates is daunting. At times, it feels impossible. Yet, if I stay *true* to the original Method, classical order, and draw upon my own experience, my teaching becomes empathetic and real. Authentic. That is exactly why people return for more.

I can only be who I am and share what I experience in the moment, in each breath of movement. This is enough. I am so grateful to be who I am and where I am in life, with some experience under my belt and humility as my guide. I look to the elders for guidance and to the apprentices for inspiration to always elevate my craft. Something I intend to do for many, many breaths to come.

Did Joe worry about perfection? Well, he pushed here and poked there. Honestly, I think he would be pleased. His Pilates exercises are alive and well.

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