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Come “try” Pilates to balance the body, invigorate the mind, and elevate the spirit. Be inspired by the challenge of a full body workout! 



The best way to practice Pilates is in a customized, private lesson. Whether you are a beginner learning basic movements and vocabulary, or a seasoned professional, take a lesson. We observe your every movement to help you align, connect, and deepen your practice. 

Private Lessons TriPilates


Highly recommended for anyone new to the studio.  We will assess your movement patterns and goals, teach you modifications and safety precautions, and get you started on your Pilates journey!

TriPilates Studio


Pilates Mat is customized to those in attendance, so all are welcome. This class includes Pilates props such as balls, magic circles, rollers, and light hand weights. 

Mat Classes Tri Pilates


Discover how spring resistance targets core muscles, increases flexibility and improves balance. Learn the full repertoire of Pilates movements on the Reformer. Experience is recommended in this flowing series (try our Introductory Private package to become familiar with the series).

TriPilates Studio


Experience the workout system designed to decompress your spine, strengthen your core, and balance your body. Learn how to stabilize and strengthen your hips and shoulders.

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Explore the Cadillac to learn what the independent resistance of springs does to strengthen, lengthen, and balance your whole body.

the hundred


Soar to new heights on our custom Aerial Silks! SILKS Class is a combo of Pilates mat, Aerial Yoga, and Aerial Fitness training. It is fun, and will strengthen shoulders, lengthen your spine, and open your hips. No experience necessary, but we recommend coming to class with a healthy body (no injuries).

the hundred


As with all yoga, connect on a deeper level to your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. This “Forrest” style Yoga has it’s roots in western, native American tradition and is designed specifically to strengthen weak areas, particularly for the modern, stressed out, slumped over body. TriPilates offers only this yoga because it partners so well with the lengthening and strengthening of supporting core muscles of hips, spine, and shoulders.

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