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How is YOUR year going? Personally I am not quite sure where it’s going,   but it’s going so FAST!  I am excited to have attended the Movement Science Made Simple Workshop in March about The Brain in Pain!  My enthusiasm got the better of me my very first day back to the studio to share…..





Healing slowed me down, wayyyy down.  I did the homework, you know, the homework I have YOU DO in between lessons and classes, the homework of being body aware in our every day life.  The homework of letting go of all the BUSYness and some of the business I was used to doing.   To CONCENTRATE on the task at hand.  Which is to stay present and never, ever give up.  SO grateful to all our students for sticking with me during this, learning more about using the springs and listening to me. I am a hands on teacher and had to really concentrate on communicating more effectively instead of simply assisting you.  It was fun and challenging for all!

So excited to be back in 80% full swing – so we’ve added two super fun classes back to the schedule, have extra time available to accommodate more and more requests for private lessons, and about learning to teach.  Do you love Pilates?  Have you ever thought of sharing that with others and learning the art of teaching it?

TriPilates has run several year-long programs in the past 12 years..  We have not in the past few for personal reasons, but like the saying goes…   When the Student is ready the Teacher appears, and vice versa  When the Teacher is Ready the Student Appears.  We offer Classical Pilates, and will sequence you through the Pilates Method on all apparatus: Reformer, Low Chair, Cadillac, Barrels, Props, and Mat so you learn how they directly weave together through all levels of Pilates. It is a 450-hour program running over the course of one year that can be done on your own time with the exception of a five-hour intensive lecture once every 3-4 weeks on a weekend.  Anatomy, Personal Development and Practice, observation and hands on practice teaching throughout the year with on-going review gives you a well-rounded education that prepares you to take the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam.

Please contact the studio for more information.  Coming September 2019

I am still processing much of the Brain in Pain workshop through my own healing journey.  The most important take-away is that PAIN is an emotional response. TriPilates has grown over the years not only as movement teachers, but as facilitators.  Every single day we see students with some sort of pain or tightness in their bodies, minds, or spirits.  One of the reasons we are drawn to do Pilates and to teach Pilates is for it’s healing benefits, for ourselves and for others.

Over the years, I have seen emotionally devastated people rise up from their depression, chronically tight and frustrated people open up to flexibility and grace, mentally unaware and distracted people get focused, students on their last days and weeks of life still come to Pilates to feel alive and feel joy in the moment, frightened people suddenly find a new found confidence….my heart bursts with pride through each and every session!  It is my great pleasure to help YOU move out of this thing we call pain – whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual.  The movements of Pilates, the support of the apparatus and an observant, empathetic teacher, all come together to help us ALL move out of the fear of pain and into the joy of moving well.   This is not an easy thing to articulate, but it has been mulling around in my heart, and my first attempt to share.  Although honestly, it is truly where the “Tri” of TriPilates comes from from the very beginning when I opened the studio – balanced in body, mind, and spirit.



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