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My heart is open to sharing MORE, Pilates has blessed our lives so much. I was sitting alone at the studio last week or so looking at the full moon glow through the front window, knowing that there is a grand plan ahead.  Every single day I wonder, HOW and WHO can we help with the beautiful blessing of Pilates?

This is what happened:

As many of you know, I went to visit my Mother for her birthday, it was unnerving after the hurricane and hip surgery to not be able to see her more quickly. Many of you know, she had to stop playing tennis at age 87 because she couldn’t move her arm separate from her shoulder, yet she opted out of surgery at age 90. Right before Christmas last year she had two back surgeries. When I visited her last she was experiencing horrendous hip pain. Hip surgery ensued with INCREDIBLE results due to her discipline and positive mindset! I absolutely know where mine comes from! Thanks, Mom!


On her actual birthday, the clouds parted and we and we walked the length of the pier to witness a spectacular sunset! I had been asking her what she wants to do with her life, she kept reminiscing about her friends and life she left in Sarasota. I do understand this, I would love to have my husband back and our life we planned that never happened.  I pressed her to answer and she did finally, “I want to play the piano again.”  You see, her shoulder wouldn’t allow her to play – and she can play for HOURS – and also her hip and back bothered her. Now that she was recuperating more fully, my Pilates teacher brain went into creativity mode. What if I raised the bench up? So we did… tried books first, she sat down and played by memory for an HOUR! Then last night, we found that pillows were enough, we pulled out her music and played while I packed. It was incredible to witness, I was moved to tears of joy and gratitude. It truly feeds her soul! She keeps telling everyone what a gift I gave her, that I gave her back her self esteem and confidence.

It was a gift from God.

It’s what we do as Pilates teachers – to help you LIVE your LIFE better. With the holidays coming up, the timing was NOT the best to abandon the studio, and we are ever so grateful to those of you who keep coming and the new students who have committed to more private lessons!  We are here to help YOU, too.

Thank you for all you do to keep TriPilates thriving and alive!  

May YOU all have a Thanksgiving filled with the joys of YOUR life,
be it family, friends or time to relax.
With love and gratitude always,

P.S. Watch social media for more virtual options as the weather starts to challenge your willingness to go outside.  It’s super convenient to do Pilates right from your home.  I even helped Mom with her standing exercises, we can help you, too.

P.P.S. Any guesses on our theme for 2023?  I chose it a while ago, and this story is perfectly timed.

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